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In Topic: Now what?

29 April 2015 - 07:14 PM

What i wanna know is if you guys think i know enough to start getting to know how to work with Slick2D and how to make games in it, or i have to learn more (maybe more than in that tutorial is) to get to that point.


It's hard for anyone to say how much skill you've developed just from a link to a tutorial you looked at for a week. It's also hard to say whether or not you're equipped to tackle a project of undefined scope.


It's really easy to underestimate the difficulty of a programming project-- and it's especially easy to underestimate what's involved in tasks you haven't successfully undertaken before. If your programming experience is one week's worth of following tutorials, that's going to be a long list even for a very simple game. For what my opinion is worth, if you are still looking exclusively for tutorials and have not completed an original project of your own (similar in scope to the 2D game you'd like to make, save for graphics) then making any 2D game might be too ambitious.


Are you dead set on making a 2D game, and no other type of project will do? Is there a particular style of game you're thinking of making, or a similar game you might be interested making a clone of? Answers to these will help figure out what might be a good project for you.

In Topic: Steam's compensated modding policy

24 April 2015 - 02:42 PM

Valve are a retailer, and as such, they should be expected to care about the products they sell (Nb: I do believe the original developers are the ones who should care the most).  I'm sure Valve do not want to garner a reputation for selling poor quality mods any more than developers want to gain a reputation for allowing poor quality mods for their games.


They already have that issue, and address it through reviews from a huge user base. Steam has plenty of low-quality games, but it isn't known as "the place with the crappy games". User ratings go a long way towards persuading me whether or not to buy a game, and I imagine it won't be any different for mods. The best will rise and the worst will fall, and Steam will be known as a convenient way to access lots and lots of great mods.

In Topic: If Aliens Came To Earth, Would It Be Alright For Them To Abuse Humans?

18 April 2015 - 02:10 PM

^^This is what I mean. Could aliens justify it? I don't give half a shit of what you do at home, whether it's killing puppies or feeding homeless people.


Whether it was your intention or not, the word "abuse" has a moral dimension. It is, by definition, morally unacceptable. Throwing a non-standard definition behind it for the purposes of your question doesn't help much because anyone who knows English will draw on the natural meaning of the word. It seems like you bake in conclusion when choosing a word like "abuse" rather than "utilize", "interact with" or even "exlpoit" (which is value-neutral in a lot of scientific usage), any of which would express the same idea without the moral aspect.


On a human scale, could aliens justify it? Sure, at least in a relativist way. Some people justify (or at least endorse) all of the behaviors in your list, including torture, on humans and non-humans alike. Does that make it alright, if there is at least one advocate, or does there have to be broader consensus?


If systems were set up so that humans who die of natural causes were sold for food, I wouldn't care much. Or if humans entered themselves into a sport hunt or something, I guess I wouldn't care much about that either as long as it wasn't coercive. If the aliens unilaterally imposed those systems on humans, I would not consider it to be acceptable.


Humans have a capacity for abstract thought and conceptualization that hasn't been observed in most if not all other animals, so there's a category difference between humans and other animals. That difference may or may not matter to someone, in general or in any of your specific examples. If you're positing a similar difference between humans and the aliens, then I agree with the other posters saying that human ethics just don't apply. The hypocrite label wouldn't apply either.

In Topic: Factory, managers, interfaces for noobs?

06 April 2015 - 08:29 AM

I think that this is a good resource for programmers new to design patterns. There aren't distinct sections for the particular patterns you are asking about, but managers and factories do come up in various places.


I also think it's important to point out that they aren't exactly pieces of game engines so much as they are solutions to common programming problems. It isn't that game engines use a pattern in scenarios A, B, and C, but rather that games need to execute tasks often have needs that are met by patterns, like any other software.


For your specific questions, SmkViper has already provided good answers.

In Topic: Game Ideas Suggestions - GAMEDEV

07 February 2015 - 08:11 PM

You could look through here and see if anything strikes your interest.