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In Topic: SFML Cannot get sprite rect to change

05 February 2016 - 05:43 PM

C++ isn't my strength, but I don't see anywhere where you update the position of the rectangle on the sprite sheet. I'm assuming that you intend to do that in your moveTextureRect functions, where you update the Player's position but then set the textureRect for playerSprite with the playerRect object, which never changes.

In Topic: Do players today have too low demands? Is the world ready for originality?

14 January 2016 - 04:42 PM

"Good" and "original" are very different things which may or may not overlap in a particular game. I've loved derivative games that were perfectly executed and hated very original games that were poorly done. A truly original game that offers a new sort of experience will be interesting, at a minimum, but that alone doesn't mean it will please players or reviewers because novelty isn't everything.

In Topic: Good Choices for a first game?

11 January 2016 - 04:59 PM

I'm always a fan of basic (linear) dungeon crawlers, text based with menu style actions rather than an input parser. Though, if your problem in the past has been with finishing projects it might be better to go with kseh's suggestion of Blackjack where feature creep will be less likely.

In Topic: Logitech mouse m90 - "Radiation"?

18 December 2015 - 05:32 PM

Do you seriously not have a lead glove for mouse operation?

In Topic: Activision Blizzard bought Candy Crush for $5.9B

03 November 2015 - 08:43 PM

Mobile game market isn't hard to penetrate.  If small game studios like Angry Birds, or a lone wolf developer of Flappy Bird, can make a hit with a title that no one has even heard of, a giant studio with plenty of well known titles under its belt like Activision Blizzard should have nothing to worry about.  Their titles practically advertise themselves.


Even the best studios can release a dud, and the King audience is probably very different from Blizzard's traditional audience. What does Blizzard have to offer someone whose only video game interest is Candy Crush? Even if Blizzard were interested in going it alone in the mobile market, they would not only have to build the institutional knowledge about that market from scratch (which is a different proposition for a major business with shareholders to soothe and targets to hit), they would also have to compete with King for that same audience. It's a proposition with high upfront costs, uncertain return, and no guarantee of building a sustainable audience. A division developed exclusively in-house could flop, or fold, or fall short of projections, or any number of other things that could hurt the company's reputation, damage stock prices, send talent to competitors, etc. Acquiring King might be a much safer, though expensive, bet.


I am sure there are a few struggles here and there to get serious with mobile development, but the bulk of the hardwork is the development, porting, and testing, which they can spend some money on, and that money is certainly way less than $5.9B.
This feels more like a political move than business.  To say that mobile is the sole reason why AB bought King doesn't quite add up.


From the link you posted, the numbers would seem to add up. A $5.9 billion acquisition that is expected to return $36 billion in revenue by year's end (that seems like a typo in the article, though). You could definitely be right about there being other, perhaps stronger, motivations than investment and return. I've heard that companies with a lot of cash on hand often find it attractive to buy other companies rather than invest it other ways-- it bumps up revenue, lets executives say all kinds of impressive things about growth and market penetration and other jargon, and calms investors without having to take a lot of risks.