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Educating an artist > Back to skool!

Posted 09 July 2016

Had to learn Pythagoras and Trigonometry as I didn't realise that a large amount of game development relies on them. 
Plus SDL can't draw circles so I came up with a function that takes steps and draws them with lines, this way you can drop the steps right down to basic triangles -or just a line or a dot- and then go from there. Plus it makes it easy...

Educating an artist > Binary shoes, concrete head!

Posted 20 May 2015

Hitting walls again, but I've learned just to strap on my protective hat and charge though it... finally emerging on the other side unscathed but realising that the other side of the wall has more and more behind it! Time to buy a harder hat off Flamazon.

Binary and SDL2 saves were confusing at first, but I've learned a lot about both char arrays and con...

Educating an artist > Nothing is a beginning

Posted 26 January 2015

I find my self sat here after years of learning and months of struggling on and off to work towards a lifelong dream. I feel both mentally battered and somewhat awakened at the same time to a world of infinite possibilities. Coming from an artistic background of 2D and 3D design, this has been no mean feat for me to grasp how a computer deals with informa...