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Abhishek Deb

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In Topic: Game Project Concept Help

23 July 2013 - 01:41 AM

@Stormynature, I WAS thinking about reincarnation. Cool. Got so much info from google about Buddhism and stuff. I think my story script is pretty clear now. Project Status (Pre-production. i.e. NO ACTUAL CODING :P): Base Concept - Done. Characters - 3 (including the player) done. Level 1 - Done. 1 last thing I really want to bug you about is the player itself. Do you think this would be cooler - the player starts as a simple human. if he dies before preaching in front of the boss, he will re-incarnate only 1 more time but this time, as a robot. That way, the dual character nature of the game will engage the players.

In Topic: Game Project Concept Help

22 July 2013 - 09:50 PM

wow... thats' an eye opener. 1. The actual aim is NOT to fight as far as possible. I Like it. 2. You actually die fighting the boss to advance to next level. Brilliant. Wouldn't it be cool if the Buddhist could levitate? What I understand is that the Buddhist is manipulating surrounding objects to avoid a combat(Smelling Limbo a bit here.. ). This makes it a puzzle and action game. Right? The whole concept has changed how I was thinking and doing stuff. Thanks a lottt for your precious time. I will be updating proto sketches soon.