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Abhishek Deb

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#5079570 Game Project Concept Help

Posted by on 22 July 2013 - 07:54 AM

Hi guys,
I am a making a small 3d game on robot fighting for my University mini project. It is bascially about implementing different AI Algos (Adaptive AI and Q-Learning) AI stuff.. I am having problems with the base concepts about the game. The game starts with a robot(the player) capable of running, jumping, punching and kicking. I don't to make another mortal combat but need a more fun to play fighting game.
Basically, I was thinking of introducing some rocket launchers, maybe. But that simply doesn't fit into close style combat. Or should I totally revamp the game and cut off close combat stuff and rely on projectile weaponary? Then again, I don't want it to be another unreal tournament. :P
Any cool ideas appreciated. Given the time frame(below), its not going to be a great eye candy but I want ot make sure its engaging because of its gameplay.
I am using Unity3D and Blender.
I have 3 months time. I know, it seems very less time but its out of my hand.
Any kind of help is appreciated.


UPDATE: I was thinking that the 1st level will be like Mario Platformer and then as soon as the boss comes, the camera will change to a 3rd person one...