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[web] How to debug html/javascript properly?

25 July 2010 - 09:00 AM

Hi !

I wrote a browser game about 10 years ago and thought I lost it, but was able to recover it from an old backup cd lately :)

It was quite easy to make it run on a current php version (I wrote it back on php3 with magic quotes on etc.). Just minor modifications though.

Back in 2000, Internet Explorer was dominating, followed by a few netscape users and hardly anyone used Opera. So, back then, I went and made it work with IE. Surprisingly, after all what has happend in the browsers history, it still works (except for screen.availWidth and availHeight got case sensitive somewhen :/). But it absolutely doesn't work on any other current browser. :(

I don't think there is too much wrong for them, some things I was able to figure out, but most of the time, it's like: when I click something, in IE it happens, but in FF just nothing happens. So my question is: Is there a tool for javascript debugging that somehow tells me what's wrong? It's strange that nothing really happens instead of displaying an errormsg somewhere. I tried the firefox addons FireBug and javascript Debugger so far, but the first doesn't seem to be targetting javascript debugging (or I don't know how to use it correctly) while the 2nd reveals that a lot of javascript functions seem to be implemented in javascript itself in ff and I get lost in some internal ff javascript :/

I installed the game online if you want to have a look: Confrontation Unlimited Web It's a persistent online strategy game with a map and units you can move around on it and build buildings.

I have to apologize because the website is in german but the game itself is in english, no idea why I did it back then :D, but the registration is as well in english: registration and you can login from the start page.

The registration link from above is already the first page that doesn't work in ff without any comment. If you try that page in IE, you can change the background color of your empires emblem by clicking on those color bars. In ff, that doesn't work - all the other javascript I was able to make it work, like changing the layers of the emblem.

There are more of those issues inside the actual game so a general approach for debugging javascript is of interest to me.

Thx :)

Searching advise for enhancing my free game

01 March 2010 - 01:06 AM

Hi ! I developed a free to play MMORTS - a RTS game with a persistent world. I launched it in January and so far it seems to be technically working. The basic game mechanic: The world consists of islands. Each island is a map like in other RTS games, there is terrain, an obstacles etc. They are connected via teleporters. Each player creates an Empire when he starts playing. He gets his very own Island only he can play on that is connected to the main world by a teleproter. Now he can construct buildings, create units, gather resources, and explore the world. When he meets another player he can create an alliance or declare war. The whole world is persistent, so whatever a palyer builds or does will be there when he comes back the next day, unless someone destroyed it of course. His private starting island can't be reached by other players so that island is save. About 100 people tried the game so far, some came back a few times, some just disappeared after playing between 5min to 60min. I asked them why they stopped playing the game, and the answers I got was "It's promising, but" followed by either some very detailed things they didn't like - or - a more general "there is no fun in it (yet)". I can enhance the details as they are very specific, but enhancing the "fun" is not so easy. I mean, I have ideas but maybe they aren't fun either. Since my time is somewhat limited as I'm doing it besides my job, I thought I'ld ask the experts here. Maybe you can have a look and post ideas what you think should be different to make the game more fun? People in here probably have more experience in analyzing this than the average player. Here is a link to my game: Confrontation Unlimited: http://www.confrontation-unlimited.net Thx Marc [Edited by - marc40000 on March 3, 2010 5:11:07 AM]