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#4955076 Using both TCP and UDP?

Posted by on 02 July 2012 - 04:01 PM

To learn both protocols I had recently made two server/client models each using the UPD/TCP to practice interpolating movement and chat message packet handling. Now that I understand both protocols more I'm curious how best to go about my actual game server architecture. The server generates the world procedurally and will need to send large chunks of data: when a player first logs in, or when a player moves to a new cell and needs that cell's height for vertices, and static models, etc. (Cells will be saved on client's computer once downloaded)

While making the two test server/clients I came to really like UDP more however I can't just stuff 80k+ worth of data into a single packet and I need reliablity for the packets. So I figured instead of trying to implement a layer over UDP to make sure I get several packets' worth of data for a single cell, I could use TCP for those packets and just stream the data.

However, I prefer UDP for movement and other details that are time sensitive so my question is - Can't I just use two separate ports, one for TCP traffic and one for UDP traffic? Have the client send requests for cell data on TCP port, and clients/server communicate over UDP for position, action responses, etc? Is there some none-obvious hurdles I might come across?