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[UDK]Critical Point - Incursion

14 April 2012 - 08:18 AM

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Critical Point
Critical Point: Incursion is a standalone game created with Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit.
Incursion is a semi-realistic, arcade-like first-person shooter combining tactical gameplay with arcade-style speed.Utilising a wide variety of modern weaponry and set in fantastically rendered locations, the Mercenaries and Special Forces meet at a critical point!
In a rush-based mode as seen in first-person shooters such as CoD4, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike and TO:AoT, teams are given level-specific objectives in round-based scenarios!
CP:I is aimed at a large player base, offering a huge platform for competitive clan and league play, allowing individuals to shine and capture their glory regardless of how many hours they have played. It accentuates skill vs luck, aiming vs spraying, etc.
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We differ from the competition by having no unlockables, no RPG's, no claymores, no tanks, jets or other vehicles. No spotting of enemies, no gimmicks affecting reloading, no influence on aiming, and no movement hit penalties when shot!
Just PURE infantry combat action!!
If you love action-packed first person shooters with great community involvement, then Critical Point: Incursion is for you!
Check our our new Facebook & Twitter pages and click "like" at the top of our site if you want more media updates!
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Our game is still in development, but we look forward to showing you more soon,
CP:I Development Team
Studio Site
Project Site

[UDK]Tactical Assault

22 March 2011 - 06:40 PM

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What is this?
Tactical Assault

TA (Tactical Assault) is a free standalone game based on the Unreal Development Kit technology that will focus on combining tactical gameplay with arcade style and speed; while utilizing the immense power of the UT3 Engine. The gameplay will be based on squad based team play like top first person shooters such as COD4, Counter Strike and TO:AoT, while still capturing the one man army feel of a Rambo Film! It will pit the Strike Force against Mercenaries in intense round based objectives and stunning scenarios. Tactical Assault offers a wide variety of modern weaponry and beautifully rendered maps. We are hard at work producing new maps that give the right feel for the game, they will reward team play while still allowing opportunities for individuals to shine and capture their glory. If you love action-packed first person shooters with great community involvement, then stay tuned.

The Dev Team

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March 2011

The Tactical Assault team proudly present you both Swat characters rendered to their fullest in two mouth watering videos inclusive of hi-res images, wireframe views as well as samples of the voices that have been recorded, which have never been heard before!!

We hope these give you an idea of the quality our team aspires to in every area of development, without further a due please sit back and grab some pop corn!

All credits plus hi-res still pictures can be found at www.tactical-assault.com

SWAT Male Revealed

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[center]SWAT Female Revealed

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We hope you loved them as much as we did, we urge everyone to post their feedback and support over at our friendly forums: http://tactical-assault.com/forum/news-(english)/characters-revealed-march-2011/

Your TA Team

[center]Tactical Assault requires Donations! Your donations will be much appreciated, thank you

[center][img alt=Click here to lend your support to: Donations to Tactical Assault and make a donation]http://www.pledgie.com/campaigns/14467.png[/img]

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