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In Topic: Roguelike game with static map

30 June 2015 - 09:16 PM

Static maps for roguelikes can and HAS been done already. So you aren't in new territory! In fact, static QUESTS in roguelikes have been done too. Go play Tales of Maj'eyal if you haven't already. It is a shining beacon of roguelike + static elements = fun game. http://te4.org/


Thanks! I'll look into it.


Maybe the story could play off the fact that you're learning about the world and the people in it with each play through. Restarting from the same starting point over and over like groundhog day, or majoras mask.


The story is actually quite different. I'm going for something like Sword Art Online, where there is a machine capable of full dive virtual game system. The logic behind the permadeath fits perfectly, since my game world states that if you die in the virtual world, the data contained in that world is corrupted and disappears. Therefore, you need to restart from the scratch.

In Topic: Roguelike game with static map

27 June 2015 - 09:13 AM

A binary variable between a high-rainfall and low-rainfall version of the same map. The high-rainfall map means lush plains but some river basins will be un-fordable, while the low-rainfall map means some of those plains are barren deserts but the river basins are empty or shallow and thus easily crossable.
Similarly, variation between a warmer and colder version of the same map (and therefore things like iced-over rivers, glaciers, etc.).


I really really like this idea. SInce I do plan on implementing weather in the game, this will work flawlessly!


Similarly to monsters, randomizing which spells exist in this world, or even what subfields of magic exist in this world. Or what gods exist in the pantheon, from which you can get buffs, favors, punishments, etc.


I actually plan on having a large set of skills open, but even at max level, you can only learn maybe 10% of all available skills. This way, players can choose to try out different combination of skills for later playthroughs.


You can mix procedural and fixed content top down or bottom up; in your case, probably both. Content should be procedural by default, with specific things you need for plot or game balance reasons imposed as an exception.


Good idea. I think mixing both top down and bottom up will work for my case. I want specific buildings and NPCs but at the same time, have them at a specified location. Everything else, I think I can place randomly.


Thanks everyone for major helps!

In Topic: Introducing Players to a Cast of Characters

26 June 2015 - 10:20 AM

I think no matter what, with large cast of characters, you will always need a large time investment to learn all the characters. I also think locking characters can make the game frustrating for some people, where they maybe saw a youtube video of someone playing a character and want to try it out for themselves, but they can't because it's locked.


Another thing League of Legends did to help with making sure people learn the game is the leveling system. Players are not allowed to play ranked games until they hit level 30.


In order to really teach the players how to play the game, the best way to do so is a well crafted tutorial. And for learning all the different cast of characters, I think Heroes of the Storm did this well, where they can "try" out a champion and brings you to a small map and you can use all the skills, freely level up on command, etc.

In Topic: Roguelike game with static map

26 June 2015 - 10:03 AM

I should mention, the main reason I want the map to be static is because I want some sort of storyline/environment in the game, where there are different cities fighting each other and the player has the freedom to choose which cities they want to help and which cities they want to destroy, and quests will adjust according to the choices that the player has made.


My fear is that having randomly generated cities might look bad, and will break immersion.


In it's time ADOM was one that added random elements to some static maps. Kinda like how Diablo3 does it nowadays where you have some premade levels and then some are randomly generated. To me this seems better than the alternatives.


That is a good point. I'll consider making all the cities static, while the areas connecting the cities random. I haven't thought about mixing the static and random parts.

In Topic: Feedback needed for Rouge-Like 2D Platformer Sci-Fi

23 April 2014 - 04:36 PM

Ahh okay, I'm thinking of something like Spelunky then. Is that correct?