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Real time enemy/team AI and turn based enemy/team AI complexity difference

19 August 2012 - 06:13 PM

Which do you guys think has more complexity to it when coding it into a game? Real time battling, like action games, shooters and what have you, or turn based RPG battling?

Some advice on how I'm going to charge my client please?

02 March 2012 - 05:10 PM

Hello, all. I have my first paid freelance programming gig making a, as far as I can tell, pretty simple game. I've done some research on the way people charge their clients, hourly, daily, weekly, flat sum, and I've decided to charge weekly. Of course I'll have to estimate some things, time and effort within the week, difficulty factor of the project and so forth. But I'm settling on weekly.

I originally wanted to charge a 20 dollar hourly rate as that seems to be around the norm for new to the field freelancers. But I'm going to charge a weekly rate that'll be slightly cheaper than what my desired hourly rate would add up to. Possibly this method will leave the client feeling like they aren't paying so frequently thus feeling more willing to pay what I'd like to charge.

Also, I plan on charging the first week upfront so I don't do a week's worth of work for nothing if they decide to bail or what have you. It let's me know they're serious.

I'm also not going to give a price range but rather just a price. Given a range, they usually will pick the lowest rate. ha

Now, that all being said, do we think I am on the right mindset here? And I'm assuming I charge for the job while keeping within a self standard range? Example: The job is massive, charge said amount. Or the job is small, charge less.

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciative.

Thank you.

Any recommendations for a game engine?

18 March 2011 - 05:40 PM

Hello, all!

I’m searching for a game engine to stick with and I’ve triedout a few. I’ve tried Unity 3D (which I’veworked with extensively when I was in school), UDK, Visual 3D, C4 Engine and,briefly, a few others. I’m looking foran engine that dishes out quality games and has a nice user interface. I am a coder so the programming language doesn't exactly matter because I'll learn whatever I need to. I see most engines in C++ anyway so I figure that I'll end up learning C++ one way or the other. I really likedVisual 3D’s interface, camera controls and terrain editor. One of the best terrain editors I’ve usedthus far. I am leaning towards the C4Engine. But I am still “shopping around”.

So, does anyone recommend an engine in particular?

Thank you for any suggestions.

C4 Engine, Unity 3D or else?

30 September 2010 - 01:13 PM

I'm in a video game design class and we use Unity 3D. We've been looking into other engines and I suggested C4. What with it using C++ and me hearing really good things about it. I've never used it though. I haven't been able to find a trial of the engine itself. I'm inclined to think a trial doesn't exist.

So if anyone has used C4 and/or Unity which would you recommend to be our best choice to prioritize in our learning curriculum? And if not those two, are there any other suggestions for game engines?

(As a side note we're thinking about the Cryengine, also. Schools get a free version but for the outsiders I hear it's freaking expensive. C4 goes for $350 Standard Edition which is a lot more within my money league.)

Info on business in developing games?

14 April 2010 - 09:30 AM

So I want to start a business making games for people. But I don't know how I would go about it. I have knowledge in 3D art, business, and I've made a couple small arcade games. The only thing I don't have knowledge in is the specifics on running a business in that particular field. Does anyone know of a site, an article or a book that has information on how the behind the scenes business side of developing video games works?