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In Topic: One source file used in multiple projects?

23 January 2012 - 07:43 AM

C# is way easier, there's a button wher you can link it. in VStudio.

this has nothing todo with the language.

In Netbeans u can set another project as a dependencie.(project->preferences->libarys->add project)

In Topic: [java] Java Game Programming

10 November 2011 - 05:16 PM

lwjgl isn't an engine its just a opengl wrapper toolkit for java as jogl.
jme was based on both now primarly on the former

In Topic: GLSL Editor

30 September 2011 - 04:03 AM

If u doing something with Java anyways. There are Netbeans plugins for GLSL and OpenCL

In Topic: deferred rendering: lighting stage

28 September 2011 - 03:22 PM

they did it not only with compute shaders, because it runs on DX10 hardware also.

My first thought would be to upload all the lightdata in one huge uniform data block(or texture if it you are using more then u can get with uniforms).
then render the hole grid at once, and use the vertex ids to index in another uniform array which gives u the offset in the light data array and the nummber of lights in the cell.

In Topic: Distance Haze and cubemaps

28 September 2011 - 07:09 AM

I looked at the wolfire blog post and I think this it what they did.
  • blurr your skybox very strong radial around the up-axis
  • u can probably use the term distant fog instead of haze
  • then just apply fog to your geometry based on the distance
  • lookup the color of the fog from your blurred cubemap
  • finished

as they also metioned, u can use the cubemap also for the ambient color in some way. So that the cubemap alone controls the enviroment lighting of your scene