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#4978487 3D Tiles

Posted by menyo on 10 September 2012 - 12:09 AM

Well if you want to have your game with a more dynamic camera feeling to it you should use this technique, but walls and objects should be made 3D if you want to pull that off.

If you want a 2D isometric game you need to draw your tiles in diamonds and just do the math to tile them and for mouse to tile picking.


#4926955 Getting Started

Posted by menyo on 31 March 2012 - 10:00 AM

If you want to make games i would say get visual studio for C# and XNA. XNA is a very nice library and you can jump right into game logic rather then creating an engine. Off course there are plenty of other libraries like SDL or complete engines like UDK but i would really advice you to look into XNA. I went with XNA and i'm very happy with it. Since you have some experience with C# and C++ you should have no problem jumping into some XNA tutorials there are plenty of them around.

#4915183 Environment design / set design

Posted by menyo on 21 February 2012 - 09:41 AM

For a professional 3D artist texturing is pretty much a required skill. But there should be some projects that look for pure modellers, if you are able to unwrap your models correctly then it opens even more spots. But to find a freelance paid job without texturing skills will be hard.

Best advice i can give you is practise as hard as you did on your modelling skills and you will be as good with texturing as with modelling.

#4914892 Some advice for a beginning programmer.

Posted by menyo on 20 February 2012 - 12:22 PM

Yes, because C++ is a lower level language you have to code more to accomplish the same thing in a higher level language. This has advantages when you know how things work and make things more efficient and functional to the program your creating. The obvious disadvantage is that it takes a longer time to create something, especially for smaller programs C++ can make you write 4 times the code then if you wrote it in something like C# or java and accomplish the same.

#4913981 New to game development

Posted by menyo on 17 February 2012 - 12:53 PM

Rent a safe somewhere and put the idea of making an rpg game in it and start learning Java with the book you bought, gamedev and the rest of the internet. An RPG, unless it's stripped as much a RPG can be stripped to still be an RPG, is very hard to make. And way above the level of a beginner. I'll ask some questions to make you understand that a little better.

1. How will you be creating your map?
2. How will you script the dialogues?
3. How will you store your character data?
4. How will you move the player?
5. How will you implement menu's
6. How will you be doing the inventory?
7. How will you... (endless list).

Each of these have there own huge list of "problems" and before you can tackle these you need to know the basics very well. So learn some basics and get comfortable with the syntax and basic functions. Now it's time to make something like pong, reason? Well i can actually make the same list above and finish it.

1. How will you move the paddle and ball.
2. How would you make the ball bounce on the pedal and screen edge.

Hey! This seems very doable. Next up, arkanoid, we know how to bounce a ball and move a pedal you might even know a way to make this even more fancy. So what needs to be done?

1. How to make a map of bricks.
2. How to remove a brick when the ball hits it.

So now you have a basic arkanoid, I found arkanoid a pretty cool game. And to make this a full game some things need to be done.

1. Make a menu with a start and high scores button.
2. Reuse this menu to make a between levels screen.
3. Add score.
4. Add different kinds of bricks.
5. Add bonuses.

You probably know by now how to implement most of these things. And you surely have a basic idea on how to program a RPG. Here is the first list again.

1. How will you be creating your map? You know how to create a map of bricks for arkanoid, so you should have an idea how to tackle this for an RPG.
2. How will you script the dialogues? You already made a between game menu that uses game data to show new data.
3. How will you store your character data? You made a highscore list that keeps track of highscore of each play through.
4. How will you move the player? This one will be easy now.
5. How will you implement menu's? A lot more complicated for RPG's but you have a basic idea on how menu's work.
6. How will you be doing the inventory? Combining menu's, buttons and working with dynamic game data should tackle this area.

This does not imply that your ready to make a RPG after a arkanoid clone. But you surely have some great insight on how to make something like a RPG. Advantage is, you now have a complete game. This gives confidence, sent it to your friends and they will boost your confidence even more. You also have quick access to all the code you wrote since you wrote it yourself and understand how it works.

#4913493 Inventory System

Posted by menyo on 15 February 2012 - 04:35 PM

Well, since you always know from what player your going to steal something you have it's ID. You just need to find a way to link that ID to the file that holds his inventory like a dictionary. Or call your files something like inventory_<ID_NR>.xml.

Then you just remove the Stolen object from that user and add it to the user that stole it and tag it stolen within the item object so the police have a way to catch this petty criminal :D.

You can also serialize lists so when you have an item class and give each playerclass a List<item> inventory; you can save this to XML. Then when something needs to be removed and added to another players inventory list. you just switch it to another players list.

#4913480 Inventory System

Posted by menyo on 15 February 2012 - 03:55 PM

With the Load method?

You don't need someones inventory if someone is offline right? If you do want that then the filename should not be thisplayer.xml but otherplayer.xml. You could also make a dictionary that uses userID's that point to filenames or something like that. You could serialize that dictionary too and do something like this:

1. Player wants to do something with another persons inventory:
2. Load inventory dictionary.
3. Lookup that persons ID in the dictionary.
4. Load the inventory attached to this ID.
5. Do something with that inventory.

#4913475 Platformer Engine

Posted by menyo on 15 February 2012 - 03:39 PM

C++ is the language of choice, but there's a steep learning curve and you probably are more interested in learning games,

This is wrongly formatted and really depends on what you actually want to accomplish. So i add to it, C++ is the language of choice to develop AAA titles at major developers. By the looks of your first post this should be changed too "C++ is the language of choice to not come in contact with for a long long while".

I pretty much come from where you are at now, "created some simple games and want more". I chose C# to be my language which is a pretty easy language and you should get allong with it very quickly since you have experience with VB. I use C# and XNA to develop games and it's great. You have a very user friendly language with XNA to get into game design right away. It has all the freedom you need to create anything you want. You have plenty tutorials for it and you have animated sprited roaming your screen in a matter of hours.

If you are looking for something without much coding but significantly less freedom you should have a look at Game Maker, but i don't have any experience with that. I believe you won't have to code anything and create sidescrollers with it.

#4913451 Inventory System

Posted by menyo on 15 February 2012 - 02:18 PM

I updated the code, you'll need more references like System.IO for handling files.

#4913441 Inventory System

Posted by menyo on 15 February 2012 - 01:51 PM

Well i can help you with writing/reading XML data in C#.

Let's say this is your item class that uses a string for the type of the item and a int for the player ID.

public class TheData
		public string SomeName;
		public int SomeNumber;

Here is a simple class i could serialize this data into xml and load it back in.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;
using System.Xml;
using System.Xml.Serialization;

class Serializer
		TheData data = new TheData();
		public Serializer(string theName, int theNumber)
			data.SomeName = theName;
			data.SomeNumber = theNumber;
		public void Save(string fileName)
			Stream stream = File.Create(fileName);
			XmlSerializer serialize = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TheData));
			serialize.Serialize(stream, data);
		public static TheData Load(string fileName)
			Stream stream = File.OpenRead(fileName);
			XmlSerializer serialize = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TheData));
			return (TheData)serialize.Deserialize(stream);

#4912643 Great looking on screen text, studying successful art styles

Posted by menyo on 13 February 2012 - 10:33 AM

Was just about to say Blue compliments orange very well. Maybe you want to shift the blue more to full blue or even slightly to the red and make it a little bit darker. Make the text itself blue/cyan but keep it bright enough to read correctly.

#4912623 I want to make a game

Posted by menyo on 13 February 2012 - 09:19 AM

Never use IE.... have made websites and browser games in the passed and having to deal with IE as a webdeveloper is a real pain. Get a proper browser like, firefox, chrome, safari or opera.

What? -1 rep.....

say this on a web developer board and i'm +100 and twitter ww trending topic Posted Image.

Seriously IE is no good, not for web developers and not for clients, hence the popularity of the other browsers that come with many plugins and tools to suit your needs. Seriously try another browser and you regret giving -rep. The only reason why IE is still popular is that it's already installed and most people stick with it because they never tried anything else.

Thanks for +1 :D

#4912602 I want to make a game

Posted by menyo on 13 February 2012 - 08:07 AM

I have a question:

I am currently working with a group of 20 friends. You can consider us as indie game developers. We want to make a fps game but for that we need a little help as we are only at our learning stage. We have figured out how an object is made, textured and animated in 3ds max 2012. We know that XNA game studio 4.0 is good for us beginners as we know visual C#.net quite enough. But we cant figure out four things:

1) How this stuff works from start to end? As in a model is created, textured.........all the way up to the state that the model is programmed to do numerous stuff according to its animated stuff

2) Can you suggest us books so that 3D Graphic Designing, 3D Programming, Audio Editing becomes easy for us.

3) For the programmers: A game can be programmed in only one computer. But i want that our group of programmers should work together on one project instead of one programming and others just looking.

4) Are we lost or are we getting somewhere with this amount of knowledge as yet?

Note: Please dont suggest any game engine nor do we want to make one. We just want to make a game as cool as bf3 and we will work our backs into it to get it done.
Can you help us please? We will be greatful! Posted Image

Rayyan Tahir

1. Model, map, texture, rig and animate the object in a (or several) 3D app. Then import the model in you language of choice, for XNA you should export it to .fbx and it will be ready to go to load into a a model instance.

Model themodel;
themodel = Content.Load<Model>("Path/Model_Name");

2. Just get a XNA4.0 book should do the trick.

3. Look into source controll software. Can't help you on that since i never used it.

4. May sound rude, but i think you guys are very lost. It seams there is little knowledge in your team and the target is something as epic as BF. Each of you should target something as epic as PONG first. Did any of you guys finished a small project like that already? On the other hand you might learn a good deal from this but don't expect the project to finish.

#4912592 I want to make a game

Posted by menyo on 13 February 2012 - 07:51 AM

The hard way:

If you have no to very little knowledge i sugest learning about C# first. Get the basics down, this will take you at least a weak or two, if you have plenty of time and dedication. Why C#? well it's a user friendly language with a lot of online content for it. You do have other languages you could pick from, search the forums for info on what to pick if your not sure about learning C#.

If you know the main principles of object oriented programming and feeling comfortable in C# you could start looking for a library that helps you creating a game. A very popular one for C# is XNA it has a very large fan base, i use it myself and i love it. But there are other libraries like SDL. Now you have to learn how to use these libraries and start from the bottom by making something like pong and tetris, you simple can't create a FPS right of the bat. You won't be making a FPS a fraction as good as counterstrike for many many months.

The mediocre way:
Download UDK, it's free untill you release a project. Once you know your way around in this awesome engine you will be able to start jamming levels together upon opening this app. Getting your own FPS out of this takes a little bit more work. In UDK you can do a lot of things visually, i mean without typing any code at all. But learning it's scripting language will help you a great deal in customizing your game. If you know C# you are even more flexible by importing code into UDK.

The easy way:
Use Hammer, it comes with Halflife 2 and CS2 is made with it (also with scripting and most probably adding axtra code to it). But it's the closest you can start off with to make something like CS.

Creating a game is not only about programming. You need models, textures, sounds, music, UI, stories, etc. Your not going to make a full game in a long while and thats why you should start off small. Get familiar with the app your using and start small, by making a game like pong or if you want to use UDK start off with a simple room then add a door then make a trigger for it, etc. There are plenty of tutorials out there for each app i mentioned above. Start learning and be dedicated, if you thought this was easy go open steam pick CS and press play and come back when your ready for it.

#4910280 3ds Max map -- now what?

Posted by menyo on 06 February 2012 - 02:35 PM

Then you should learn d3d or opengl.... But i would really advice you to pickup a library like sdl to speed up work and stop wasting time making your own libraries and engines.

If your new to programming i would advice you to stay away from C++, get into C# it's a much easier language. You would not need C++ for many years and it's much faster to learn. If you are just started learning C++ then prepare for a long long journey till you can get that plane to show up on screen. While you could get C# and XNA and start flying/walking around in a matter of hours (with some experience and a tutorial). When you know C#, you should get into C++ without much problems but C++ is a hard language and really not suited for beginners.