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Random map with prebuild pieces

27 April 2014 - 04:37 AM



I am looking for ways to generate a random tile map out of prebuild pieces, much like diablo 2 and Dungeons of Dredmore do. I have prebuild sets of 8x8 for corridors and small rooms, and for larger rooms i need 16x16, 24x24 and perhaps 32x32 sets. Some rooms will hold quest pieces like bosses or artifacts, most probably i will do this with color values on images. The picture below shows just entrances in pink and passable area in black.


I have been looking into mazes and translate these mazes to these prefab pieces. So if i generate a 16x16 maze it will give me a 128x128 map. Each maze tile will translate to a corresponding prefabricated piece.


Some characteristics:

 - I do not want to many dead ends since this might frustrate the player.

 - The mazes i looked for are "dense", every tile is used. This is ok for some maps but some need to be less dense.

 - I need some maps to have the entrances/exits at the edge and some within the map but some distance appart.

 - I need to insert special rooms that hold treasure, quest items, bosses, etc.


Basically what i am looking for now is a partially braid maze algorithm that let's me pick the entrance and exit area's, insert some larger rooms and generates some larger rooms occasionally. I could also just pop in my entrance, exit, special room and multiple larger rooms then run a braid maze algorithm and restrict it on those area's but taking there entrances into account to connect properly.


How would you take on a problem like this? I would love to read some ideas so i can look at this from another angle since i am stuck on this for days.


I used to have a website bookmarked that explained exactly what i am looking for, unfortunately i lost that bookmark. It used much smaller "connection" rooms but i think i can easily translate this into bigger ones i have. So if anyone has this i bookmark i would already be very happy.

Combine a 2D array with a 3D array?

12 April 2014 - 04:46 AM



I am looking for a way to combine a 2D array with a 3D array.


I have a function that returns a float[,] it gets populated with the width and height of my map. Now i am trying to do something like this:


float[,,] 3dArray = new float[amount, width, height];


for (int i = 0; i < amount; i++)


    3dArray[i] = MethodReturningFloatArray[,];



So basically i want to populate the 2nd and 3th dimension of my 3D array with a 2D array generated by a method (float[,]).

Gamestate Manager Tutorial

16 March 2014 - 01:42 AM

Hi, a year or two ago i was doing a Gamestate Manager Tutorial, I did it two or three times but it was a bit too complicated to fully understand. Now I want to go over it again but i cannot find it anywhere. I believe it was a official tutorial from MSDN or it just looked like it. at least it was based off this sample from MSDN.


I can come up with my own menu and state manager now but i am really interested in other methods and it would be nice to see what i did not understand back then.

Modifiers on items

22 February 2014 - 08:50 AM

Hi, i am fiddling around with an old abandoned game project I wrote. I want to add modifiers on my weapons such as +10 to +20 damage or +4 to strength. I am already using an enum for attributes such as the players strength and dexterity or weapon requirements. Another enum for magic alignment such as fire and ice for spells and resistance. The weapon damage itself, gold cost, speed, etc are just fields within the weapon class.


I am looking for a clean way to add modifiers to my items. I was thinking of creating a new enum with all the attributes, magical alignments, players stats, damage, etc and use that enum in a struct with a value field to modify the corresponding thing to modify. However, I don't see this as a very clean way. Can anyone suggest a nice and elegant way to create such a modifier that has the ability to change all kind of different character stats?


Thank you,

My little game project

25 October 2012 - 08:23 AM

Since this section exists i might as well make use of it :D.

After doodling around for 2 years and having made some very basic games and a bunch of unfinished "learning" experiences i decided to do something a lot more interesting. I am creating a hybrid roguelike game that will feel much more like a rpg then those dungeon crawlers. I have been preparing this for quite a while since i have been making all kind of map generators and path finding prototypes in the past view months.

I am looking to find some audience to communicate with. Perhaps to spread the word a little too. For people with similar projects that want to get some more publicity we could exchange links perhaps. Let's get our projects known! I am looking to update at least 2 times a month or after every implemented feature. Would be nice to follow me on twitter too, where i update on minor things that i have just finished or working upon. I will follow back to people interested in games, art and game development.

Even though it is in a early stage, i do have some video progress to show. I am blogging about the inner mechanics of the game but i do try to keep it understandable for people without programming experience.

Go to the first page of my blog! If you like it, i appreciate any tweets, likes, +, digs, etc.