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In Topic: Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

28 October 2013 - 09:27 PM



What happened to Oluseyi, is he still around? I used to see his nickname quite often in the days.

Oluseyi *is* his name (not just a nickname). I think he's still active on the IRC channel, but I almost never visit there so I can't say for sure.



Haha, now I feel stupid...


I remember the story about leaving without keys in the night and having to break into his own apartment. hehe


As I was just telling Promit on IRC, I saw those pictures about a year ago. I've lost that drive now, either as part of an overzealous cleaning out or in a moving mishap. Oh, well…


/me waves :-)

In Topic: XR-H21 Spaceship model (Feedback please)

27 August 2011 - 08:04 AM

Looks pretty good. I just wanted to raise a separate thought/issue: if technology in your game setting has advanced to the point where we can have single-occupant fighter-style spacecraft, then we probably also have energy-based projectile weapons, which eliminate the need to carry discrete ammunition for guns as well as the possibility of running out of ammo. This is why the Star Treks and Star Warses of the world use "blasters" and "tachion cannons" and "phasers."

Nice work so far! Posted Image

In Topic: Suggested QR Code for GDnet

27 August 2011 - 07:41 AM

GDC merch - stickers, refrigerator magnets, whatever!

In Topic: Is it really worth getting a Wii 2?

28 April 2011 - 02:51 PM

First. You're alive! Good to see you.

/me waves :)

Second. Yeah, but if we did that, it'd be no fun talking about rumors.

Heh. I'm not a fan of rumors because I consider them and speculating over them a huge waste of time. Wait a bit, doing something better (in terms of time utilization) in the meanwhile, and then you get official announcements. *shrug* Then again, I have moved away from technology enthusiasm...

The gamepad certainly does not work "on all most all genres". Music games? Dance games? Motion games? Racing games? Flight games? Sports games? All have custom controllers.

Almost* My bad. Music? Parapa the Rapper. Dance, ofcourse not. Wiimote? lol... Racing? Erm...Gran Turismo 1-5? Forza 1-3? Im pretty sure the games where great with the gamepad. Flight? PS3 got that covered in Warhawk I think. Sports? We have played sport games for decades now...whats wrong with the gamepad?

You missed his point. The gamepad is a compromise for all of these genres, which is why dedicated input devices like the DDR dance mat, a plethora of racing wheels and pedals, joysticks and throttles and more exist. Do you actually play sports games? The control schemes continue to get more and more byzantine in an attempt to reflect the nuance of the games - the shot stick, FreeStyle™ control in EA Sports games, icon passing... It's a mess that favors long-time gamers and makes games harder for novices to approach.

In Topic: Is it really worth getting a Wii 2?

27 April 2011 - 04:17 PM

I am talking about stuff like E3 press conferences or the tweets that M$ and Sony send out every day or the weekly blog posts they put out or the holiday season montages microsoft and sony put out or the promotion of betas and demos to get more people interested in games on their systems.

Microsoft and Sony (the latter especially) have weak first party studios. They need the third party studios and titles to validate their platforms in a way that Nintendo never has. The issue of third party titles is overblown by the "core" gamer audience and the bloggers that cater to them. I'm not sure it's a useful barometer of the overall health of the system at all.

Nintendo has been consistently profitable with its gaming products in ways that neither Microsoft nor Sony ever have been, and has had very few strategic miscues. If asked to bet on one of the system hardware vendors, I'd take Big N.
That said, this thread seems like a lot of speculation and conjecture over a system that hasn't been announced and nothing concrete is known about. Wait until E3 in June, then start the carping. Posted Image