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#5273002 Weapon copyright?

Posted by on 28 January 2016 - 10:07 AM

Ah great to know :) So i just need to figure out now which guns i may or may not beable to use in a game. Trying to search over a list to see if the companies are outdated or not and to see if i can also put some modern guns into my game.


Thank you all who replied to this Topic you helped me alot!

#5272982 Weapon copyright?

Posted by on 28 January 2016 - 07:16 AM

Hello everyone


I'm curios about the copyright for video game weapons. I'm not sure how this actually works... But when i see a car with the brand mazda or a screen of samsung in game. They mostly payed the companies to use their brand in game right?


Well what about weapons? I mean ive been watching Miculek on youtube and he mostly pointed out that the weapons are copyrighted in italy were their made or in canada were he imports them from.


Yet that doesn't explain how games like mgs and cod can use so many weapons under their name. Does no one care if you use branded guns or is there something behind it?


I would really like to know more before planning on making a game including any type of firearm.


Best Regards



#5054818 how to think like a programmer

Posted by on 19 April 2013 - 01:23 AM

I'm going to be making my own game soon without using tutorials and just using what I know. What I'm having trouble coming up with is the logic of the game. Things like upgrading weapons and towers, how to make ai detect when theres something in their way, things like that. Are there any books or tutorials that help with this kind of thinking while making a game?

Hm well there are surely many ways how to plan out a game before starting, but my favorite one is surely the UML. You can use the UML to have a graphical view, of the class and actions in them. Point out of which classes you will need for your game. We use for example the Tower Defence, a  very loved game by many. Now what does a Tower Defence need? We surely need a Tower class since there are towers, surely enemies aka the waves that appear, and maybe a upgrade class for some upgrades the towers need. These are just the logical ones for the game you need, now for the needed ones. You need Initialize that handles all the loading of data, a event which handles all input events, loop which handles all the data updates, render which handles all the rendering of anything that  shows up on the screen and cleanup that simply cleans up any resources loaded. These needed ones, i got from the sdltutorials on how to make a tictactoe, if you wish to check out here you go: http://www.sdltutorials.com/sdl-tutorial-basics . Now next after you got all does things we use a Sequenzdiagramm. In there you will produce a graphical display on how the programm handles, like how does the application start? Which class will come first and so on. These are pretty much roughly said the main ones who are needed to think like a programmer while aiming for a game.


I do hope i could help you with my ideas and wish you a great day


Yours Truly


Your friendly programmer :)

#5054816 Starting a FPS game ideas on where to begin?

Posted by on 19 April 2013 - 01:08 AM

Hi ,


I want to create a good FPS game in 3D in home environment and I wondering how I should start with it ? I don't have any experience either in Programming , Modelling textures or animations. I was thinking about Unity 3D because I think I should start with it , is it good idea ? I don't want start with for example programs like FPS Creator because that type of programs are just like "LEGO Programs" because you must just Put everything in right place and compile and usually with that type of programs there are many models and textures are included. So guys any idea how unexperienced Being should start making a game ? 



Any reply is appreciated   


Well if you wish to create a FPS game you first of all have to get into the Basics. This can be completed if you work with already existing engines to create games. One of many as you pointed out is Unity 3D but, there is also UDK and the Blender Engine. Just don't forget if you don't have Programming or Modelling skills, it will become very hard to create a decent game with does two engines. My advice before even starting to create a game is to have a decent knowledge of a programming language. For example : Java, Python, C#, C++, Html5. You can pick anything from does really just before choosing please look into them and get some basic knowledge in to which way you wish to programm. If you wanna get more into the basic games like minecraft or similiars choose java or c++ if your into web browser games, choose Html5 or even C#. If this all seems hard to you, just watch some programming tutorials, or how to make games on youtube. There are surely many tutorials to help newcommers into the gamedesigning world. Just a little warning, you may get stressed at your first programms. Don't beworried, this is normal since it means your making progress in learning and do not forget making a game isn't so easy if you wanna start programming games. Even i, who is at a Programming School in Switzerland, have not yet finished my game. And trust me i am trying to finish this but it is hard to finish if you want something decent.


I hope i could help you and wish you a nice Day


Your Truly


Your friendly Programmer :)