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#4894799 Programming languages and apps marketing

Posted by on 17 December 2011 - 09:59 AM

If one wantsto create AND market an app, then:

1. Is therea general rule that states it’s better to write an app in certain languagesonly?;

2. Can youwrite it in ANY language for as long as your executable demo is flawlessly working?;

3. If youbelieve your app might be of interest for big guys such as Amazon, Facebook,Google, MSN, Yahoo etc, then should you write a customized (checking out what programming language they'd like) version of your appfor each of the big wigs?

I asked theabove 3 questions cuz I created an app in … GML (which is a fun language to usefor a quick prototype). Now the app works fine for me AND for anybody I’d sendthe exe version to. (GML = Game Maker Language, but my app is not a game, butan improvement – add on -- to anexisting app most probably written in C++, Java and/or Python).

What could thebig guys’ reaction be if I send them this quick prototype for review?

(A) We loveit AND we’ll re-write it to fit ourneeds. Here’s $10,000,000 and 6% royalties for the rest of your miserablelife;

(B) Ummm, yesit works, but you have to re-send it to us written in THIS language;

© Get a F***outta here with your idiotic GML, you friggin’ punk! Get a life, learn C++ and callus back in 2022!

So do Istand a chance to pick up my $10M check next week, or in 2022 (Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years)?