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Kickstarter – testing the waters

26 January 2013 - 12:43 PM

Hey guys, while looking for investors for my latest venture, DiCheetal, I came over Kickstarter, which looks like it worth
a try. Long story short, I’d like to see how KS works, to gain some inside knowledge and hands-on experience, by using

my video game, BilliChess, to ask for funding. BilliChess made it to the Winners’ List of the international contest “Level Up 2010”

organized by Intel, due to its KO concept and regardless of the poor graphics and UI.

If you’d have a few minutes to eye the Abstract and How To Play, please let me know how much would be a decent
amount to ask for on KS so BilliChess can be built – by a hired team, not by me! -- from scratch with great graphics and UI/UX.


Thanks. Dan

How to launch an app if you are not a known Publisher?

11 March 2012 - 02:38 PM

We didn’t form a company yet, we’re just two guys in a partnership ready to launch our app. But my avast (and, most probably, all other anti-virus systems) advices not to download the app since it comes from an Unknown Publisher. Is there an easy trick to bypass that?

Searching for an individual certificate, I came over http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/ms537361(v=vs.85).aspx (our app is coded in VB.NET)

“The value of an individual software publishing certificate is in the information it provides to users so they can decide whether or not to download the code. Knowing who authored the code, and that the bits have not been altered from the time the code was signed to the present, is reassuring information.

If it’s about ‘bits not being altered from the time the code was signed to the present‘ the software publishing certificate is worthless in our case (and in each instance where software needs to be updated). I still don’t understand as to how thousands of penniless kids -- that obviously never formed a company -- publish their apps (and there are tens of millions of downloads of that kind of apps!).

What does it take to (A) make Joe comfy with downloading our app despite his anti-virus crying wolf or, even better (B) please the anti-virus to the point it’ll stop crying?

Partnership agreement

05 February 2012 - 08:27 PM


I had a concept for an app which I developed into a workable demo and then I partnered up with an experienced programmer to help me improve and launch the product. My partner will get 25% of the product’s revenues. We are trying to launch the app this month (before the end of February) and about two-three months later form a company. I live in Ohio and my partner lives in Maryland: we met online and we hope to be able to take care of the legal paperwork without any travel involved.

How should we proceed? What would be the right legal forms (partnership agreement) we should file in the above circumstances? (And from where can we download the forms?)

Thank you,

Programming languages and apps marketing

17 December 2011 - 09:59 AM

If one wantsto create AND market an app, then:

1. Is therea general rule that states it’s better to write an app in certain languagesonly?;

2. Can youwrite it in ANY language for as long as your executable demo is flawlessly working?;

3. If youbelieve your app might be of interest for big guys such as Amazon, Facebook,Google, MSN, Yahoo etc, then should you write a customized (checking out what programming language they'd like) version of your appfor each of the big wigs?

I asked theabove 3 questions cuz I created an app in … GML (which is a fun language to usefor a quick prototype). Now the app works fine for me AND for anybody I’d sendthe exe version to. (GML = Game Maker Language, but my app is not a game, butan improvement – add on -- to anexisting app most probably written in C++, Java and/or Python).

What could thebig guys’ reaction be if I send them this quick prototype for review?

(A) We loveit AND we’ll re-write it to fit ourneeds. Here’s $10,000,000 and 6% royalties for the rest of your miserablelife;

(B) Ummm, yesit works, but you have to re-send it to us written in THIS language;

© Get a F***outta here with your idiotic GML, you friggin’ punk! Get a life, learn C++ and callus back in 2022!

So do Istand a chance to pick up my $10M check next week, or in 2022 (Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years)?

Apps. – some legal advice needed

03 December 2011 - 07:26 PM

After reading:

'Taking a job is in some ways like a ­second option,' addedAkshay Kothari, who co-created the iPad-news-app company, Pulse. The App, whichhas more than five million users, was made during a class at Stanford'sInstitute of Design and was sold for $4 million five weeks later.

'If you say you’ve taken a job, it’s like, "Oh, youhaven’t figured it out?”'

in Daily Mail

a hell of an app idea hit me the same very day. Now say I’mno programmer and I want to partner up with a programmer to do the app. and –but of course – make (at least) $4 million in 3 hours of work. Is there any wayto protect the concept before showing it around?

For instance I PPA-ed BilliChess (video game concept)before showing it around. How about an app. concept? How can it be protectedand how best to (try to) market it when the interested parties may be Google,MSN, Yahoo, FB? To be even more to the point say I had that $4 million idea(presented in Daily Mail) and was looking for a programmer online