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OUYA Devkit Giveaway Competition

05 February 2013 - 04:48 AM

We're running a competition to give away an OUYA Devkit over at ouyaforum.com

The idea is to come up with a design for a game you or your team would like to make for the OUYA, and present that idea on the forums.

The closing date for entries is Feb 14th, with a poll running on the forums until the 16th to decide the winner!

There have been a number of entries so far, but still plenty of opportunity for someone with a really great design to enter and win!

The rules etc are all up on the forums, or you can ask questions here if you want. Also note that it's limited just to individuals or teams based in Europe (hence the Euro part)


Lighting and glMultMatrixf problem

22 July 2012 - 05:25 AM

I've written a basic graphics engine for OpenGL-ES 1.1 in Java for Android. I use the following code to orientate the spaceships in my game to point in the direction of travel:
[source lang="java"]gl.glPushMatrix();transforms[i].transform(gl);gl.glLightfv(GL10.GL_LIGHT0, GL10.GL_POSITION, light0Position); model.drawVertexBufferObjects((GL11) gl);gl.glPopMatrix();[/source]

[source lang="java"]public void transform(GL10 gl) { gl.glTranslatef(xyz[0], xyz[1], xyz[2]); // where xyz holds the coordinates of the spaceship gl.glScalef(scale,scale,scale); Orientate(gl); }[/source]
[source lang="java"]private FloatBuffer startMatrixFB;protected void Orientate(GL10 gl){ if(startMatrixFB==null){ ByteBuffer byteBuffer = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(16 * 4); byteBuffer.order(ByteOrder.nativeOrder()); startMatrixFB = byteBuffer.asFloatBuffer(); } startMatrixFB.position(0); startMatrixFB.put((float) -rightOrientationVector.mX); startMatrixFB.put((float) -rightOrientationVector.mY); startMatrixFB.put((float) -rightOrientationVector.mZ); startMatrixFB.put(0); startMatrixFB.put((float) upOrientationVector.mX); startMatrixFB.put((float) upOrientationVector.mY); startMatrixFB.put((float) upOrientationVector.mZ); startMatrixFB.put(0); startMatrixFB.put((float) directionVector.mX); startMatrixFB.put((float) directionVector.mY); startMatrixFB.put((float) directionVector.mZ); startMatrixFB.put(0); startMatrixFB.put(0); startMatrixFB.put(0); startMatrixFB.put(0); startMatrixFB.put(1); startMatrixFB.position(0); gl.glMultMatrixf(startMatrixFB);}[/source]
The problem is that this doesn't affect the diffuse lighting. The lighting on the ship appears without taking into account the changes made by the Orientate() method. I.e. the light is always in the same place relative to the model:

Attached File  lighting_problem_iridian.png   455.45KB   28 downloads

If anyone can help me solve this, I'd be most appreciative


Localisation ballpark cost?

16 March 2012 - 11:13 AM

I really like the idea of localising my android game. It has no audio or video but does have a lot of words (say 5000). However, I have no experience of doing any localisation before.

I want to get it done professionally and I also want to get local business partners involved to promote the game in various regions rather than just translate it, throw it out there and hope.

However, before I start getting too excited, I'd be interested if anyone has some ballpark figures for the cost of the whole process?

Approaching Music Rights Holders

24 November 2011 - 04:10 PM

So, there is this song, by a moderately successful band.

Say I liked it so much that I actually named my company after the song title and trademarked the name (in the UK).

And say that at some point, I would like to actually use said song, probably as the backing track to a promotional video or use the first couple of bars as background music to the company logo displayed at the start of the game (like valve do with their logo when you load up half-life or whatever).

However, I would much rather never use the song than have the publishers / rights holders of the song sue me and force me to change my name.

Imagine also that the company is just me and has zero assets and zero activity until the first product is actually ready to be released

How should I approach the rights holders of the music, if at all?

Going rate for artist(s)

24 November 2011 - 03:37 PM

I've been developing my game (for android) for about 6 months. I'm lucky enough to have an independent source of income and some savings and when I started, it was just me in my bedroom coding away.

I found an artist through a mutual friend, who has been doing UI assets (buttons, icons etc) as well as some concept art

At the time we first started working together, I estimated my project would be finished a lot sooner than it will be (it'll be finished when I decide it is suitably awesome :cool: ). Meantime, my artist has finished a game design course at college and is looking for employment. The fact that the game still isn't released somewhat lessens the whole "you can do it for free to improve your portfolio" argument and in any case, I feel it is only fair to pay her for what she's already done.

The problem is neither of us have any idea what the going rate is for this kind of work. This is my first business and she's fresh out of uni

I assume there would either be an hourly rate or a comission-type system which we can work backwards with to find out how much is owed? Things are also complicated by the fact we live in different countries on opposite sides of the planet

Any help would be much appreciated in this area


Edit: I just read the sticky FAQ for this forum and followed the link to the report on average pay for industry professionals. Working backwards, I figured average salary of $45,114 for entry level artist over a 48 week year working 8 hours a day for 5 days a week comes to $23.50 / hour?