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3D, AI, procedural generation and black jack > Voxels

Posted 22 August 2016

Voxels! Unlike my old Xna application, this one's code is way more beautiful to the eye. Zero "switch" or "if and else" for cube faces, as I did with my cubic planet faces. My only problem with voxels is that it's a 3D grid. A 3D grid take a lot longer to compute than six 2D grids.
250 * 6 = 1500 quads to compute and draw.
250³ = 15,625,000 voxels to...

3D, AI, procedural generation and black jack > Grouping of my [new] work so far

Posted 17 August 2016

I'm an amateur and hobbyist video game developer. I've been programming for 9 years now even though I'm almost 21. When I started, it was rough being extremely bad with the english language and a noob programmer. Instead of helping me, people over multiple forums were only degrading my lack of skills and so I stopped being an active user. I have now finis...