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Josh Hartley

Member Since 27 May 2010
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What do i do next?

24 February 2011 - 02:08 PM

Hey, i have been doing C++ for a month or so and I think I have the basics down, I use Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express and I have done numerous tutorials and I feel I have got most of the basics down, I want to know what I should do next, The most advanced code I have done to date is an improvised number game using the input and output stream and #include <ctime> ( I did this on Bloodshed C++ compiler but when I realised it was outdated and there was little to no support I decided to use Microsoft's).
Please can you tell me what I should do next and how I should do it.
Thank you,

Future in the business

20 December 2010 - 11:18 AM

Hey, I am asking you to give me an idea of whether it would be worthwhile going into the games industry.
I am currently 16 years old and i am about to finish school in easter. I have sent off an application form to go to my local college on a game development course. http://www.grimsby.ac.uk/index.php?level=186000207699932&category=293

I have been working on projects for an estimated 3 years now, I will give a list of projects I have worked on.

Project Ninjastar (Third person shooter) - 2 years http://code.google.com/p/project-ninja-star/

Reborn Future (MMORPG) - 6 months

Apocalyptus (Horror Based First Person Shooter) - 3 months

[Current Project]
Unity 3d game
Mechsmoke (Shooter)

Please can people tell me whether you think I can make it in the game industry.
Also, can you give me information on what to do.

Thanks for reading,