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In Topic: Internet Explorer 11 Debacle

Today, 03:53 AM

It is the Error Code 9C59 which prevents both IE 10 and IE 11 from installing.  After reinstalling Win 7 and using clean, high speed broadband for updating the problem remains.   Tomorrow I will look more into it.


Are you absolutely certain that this is a clean, fresh install of Windows 7?  Or have you done any customizations, installed third-party "power tools" (ugh!) or even (shock, horror) used a pirated version of Windows?


I'm asking because this is something that normally does not happen.  You install Windows, take it for a trip to Windows update, and everything comes down fine, including whatever new versions of IE Windows Update is offering.  This all indicates that the most likely cause of your problem is something irregular on either your Windows install or your net connection.

In Topic: How many APIs are for drawing text?

Today, 01:57 AM

I checked he Text3d demo, debugging it with IDA Pro, in function DrawText it calls ScriptPlace/ScriptShape and ExtTextOut, I guess it uses these function to calculate each pixel of text string. But the real game never uses these function, what function could the game possibly use to do the calculation?


It's unlikely that it uses any D3D function for this.  The work will be done on the CPU, so what it will do is something like use the string to calculate a list of positions and texture coords, then lock the vertex buffer, memcpy the list across, then unlock.

In Topic: Internet Explorer 11 Debacle

Yesterday, 03:55 AM

Solution: Install Google Chrome. mellow.png


Have a locked-down corporate network with hundreds or thousands of users where you need to maintain consistency across application versions and browser versions, need to run legacy apps, and need central administration of browser settings?


Solution: don't install Google Chrome.


Seriously people, the single-machine "developers plaything" environment where you've free reign over everything and can fix stuff yourself if it goes wrong just doesn't exist for most end-users in the real world.

In Topic: Internet Explorer 11 Debacle

29 July 2014 - 05:28 PM

To be honest, you don't sound much like an IT consultant if you think the BIOS is anything to do with identifying corrupt files.  Me, I do this stuff for a living so the fact that I can buy food is the authority behind what I say. ;)


Anyway, I've done something like - oooh - 10,000 or more IE installs, including manual, via Windows Update and automated via a variety of tools (GPO, SCCM, once even piggy-backed on an Office 2003 Customization Wizard setup) and they've all worked.


Reasons to install IE11 include testing Enterprise Mode in a corporate desktop environment.  That's very valid - it's easy for the hobbyist or professional coder to forget that their own personal preferences don't even apply in many environments.


For a standalone machine I'd advise Windows Update as the first line of attack, and clearing the Windows Update Cache as the first thing to do if that goes wrong.  I'm not certain from your original post if you've done this or not, but it's normally a good way of fixing things up if updates (and IE is really not much more than just another update these days) fail.

In Topic: Full Screen Quad with Texture, looks off

29 July 2014 - 04:18 AM


I create a texture the size of my back buffer, which is the same size as my screen


It sounds like these are not actually the same size.  If you're using a windowed mode, you may have miscalculated by including the non-client area in the size, for example.