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In Topic: Radeon vs nVidia rendering - game issue

23 March 2012 - 12:42 AM

yes thats right, I have noticed this after writting last post :) Thank you so much for help. These layout location is so useful thing:)

In Topic: Radeon vs nVidia rendering - game issue

21 March 2012 - 01:15 PM

I'm trying to use laoyut + location but radeon gives error:

Shader compilation: Vertex shader failed to compile with the following errors:
ERROR: 0:4: error(#132) Syntax error: 'layout' parse error
ERROR: error(#273) 1 compilation errors. No code generated

This error is for example here:
#version 330

in layout(location = 0) vec2 in_Position;
in layout(location = 1) vec2 in_TexCoord;
uniform mat4 modelViewProjectionMatrix;
out vec2 txCoord;
void main()

		txCoord = in_TexCoord;
	    gl_Position= modelViewProjectionMatrix*vec4(in_Position,0,1);
#version 330
in vec2 txCoord;
uniform sampler2D tex;
void main()
		gl_FragColor=texture2D( tex,  txCoord );
What am I doing wrong? And why NV doesn't get any error?

In Topic: Radeon vs nVidia rendering - game issue

20 March 2012 - 01:46 PM

Tsus u are right. I've checked that if i get attribute exactly before redner and set it into VAO i get good render in radeon. But it's unusefull in real time. I thin I'll use this layout-location code. Than you all so much.

In Topic: Colision 2D - getting push vector

18 February 2012 - 11:53 AM

thank you for useful advice.
Luckly I found solutinon by myself few hours ago but i think this material probably will help me soon:)

In Topic: [Box2D]Problem with joints - simple moving

24 May 2011 - 11:11 PM

thank you i ll try to use it.

kinematics are bad idea because i need colisions, sometimes joints etc.
And still i dont know WHEN to stop moving object.
If i do sth like this:
Vector_2D range=pos - target;
if(range.x+range.y < 10)
my body can still keep moving if it colide with something in its way.