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Dwarf King

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Do Denmark discriminate foreigners?

05 August 2013 - 06:52 AM

[background stuff]

Now I have never really liked to start a thread here in the lounge, but this time I feel that I have something on my heart to tell and share with you.


I and my family currently live in Denmark, Copenhagen where I have my little thing with game development going on and a small webmaster job. Now all is fine even though the gov here is rather right wing with its language policy and assimilation policy toward all foreigners living in Denmark. I had read about all this in the newspapers and followed it from a distance for many years as I and my family lived in Sweden for many years.


Now we live in Denmark and have two kids. They both speak the danish(mother tongue) and mandarin fluently. Our girl on 7 years old is one of the best in all classes(elementary 2nd. next week) so no problem here I guess.  In fact she is way beyond the level of the class she has been attending(teachers own words).

[/background stuff]


Now what is the problem then? Well we received a letter this morning from the local government of Copenhagen:



Dear Parents

I have been informed that your child, (insert name here) born on the x. February 2010, does not attend kindergarten. Children who do not attend kindergarten must take part in a language assessment. Children with another native language than Danish must attend language stimulation classes if they do not speak Danish.


To learn whether your child is in need of language stimulation classes, we invite you to a meeting on xx..xx.2013 at xx:xx a.m. for a conversation about language assessment and language stimulation with the educators from the Language Stimulation.


What the (some bad word here) O_o


Now I then called them and told them that our child indeed DO speak Danish and that their mother tongue is Danish. He then excuse it with that because my wife is a Swedish citizen(Chinese origin) they had sent this letter due to the fact that many kids who had lived in Sweden and moved to Denmark did not speak Danish. I then corrected the person telling him that Swedish and Danish is almost the same and very much related. He then apologized and said it was a mistake and that the letter should not had been sent for us. 


Now I have checked out this "law" and found out it was forced through by a nationalistic right wing party in our parliament a few years ago. A something for something so to say.  I also found out that if foreigners like Americans, Chinese etc. do not show up for this "conversation meeting" the local gov holds its right to cancel all further child money payments. For me it is fine(do not really them anyway).


Now what is all the fuzz here about then? Well for me this letter is a great insult to many fine hardworking foreigners living here in Denmark.


How dare the gov play the language police like that? 


How dare the gov demand that homes with small English(or other languages) speaking kids not even reached the age of 4 years "must" attend language stimulation?


The so called "language stimulation" is around 30 hours running around in a kindergarten. 


That should never be demanded but only put as an offer. 


In fact I find this letter to be very disturbing and feel sad for many foreigners in Denmark with kids who wish to see their children grow up around them while they are small and not putting them in a kindergarten.



Have any of you out there seen something similar in your countries?


Is this the language and assimilation policies of your nations?


Do you feel this is discrimination of foreigners?


Feel free to speak your opinion but keep it civil smile.png


Also read this article about the assimilation issue: http://www.heptagonpost.com/node/51



edit: missed a "not" and a "own" misspelled, also added a link for a fine article about the assimilation issue in Denmark

Art under CC0 and CC BY license

24 June 2013 - 09:23 AM

So I have recently found some great art I wish to use. Most of it is under CC0 public domain license and it seems very promising and safe to use that for commercial use in a game production.




Some other is under the CC BY license and while it seems it only require one to credit the designer/author I am still in doubt.




While I know legal advise is great(as well as wise to seek) I would like to hear about others experience with using the CC BY licensed art in commercial works or for small commercial indie projects. The thing is that I have found icons that I wish to edit(I see this as adapt to my own style) and then use it in my game and then credit the creator as CC BY dictates.


But is that all that needs to be done in order to be "safe"?.


In other words what is the con by using art under the CC BY for a small commercial game developer? I mean it seems too perfect to be true :o)



Any input will be appreciated.


Note: I did do a lot of search around here and on the net but what I found was just this website(http://creativecommons.org/) and some small talk on other websites. I see this site as having a lot of wise people on the board and therefore ask these questions here before taking further actions that will secure a healthy and stabel development of my game.

Gimp and GPL license with default fonts, brushes and patterns

07 March 2013 - 06:36 PM

So I have spent a lot of time looking around on the net for an answer to how we can legally and commercially make use of the default fonts, bruches and patterns included in a freshly installed Gimp.


And while I can find plenty of GPL license texts and praises of how Gimp the very software itself is allowed to use for commercial use even without the GPL agreement I cannot find any mention of the default fonts, brushes and patterns included in Gimp.


How do a Gimp user stand legally when using Gimp with default fonts, brushes and patterns?


Are they owned by others or are they a part of the software package Gimp and the GPL?


Can we freely use them commercially to create logos and art, still keep our copyright for our games we create?


Also another question comes to my mind after reading the Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Is it really just so easy to credit someone in the project somewhere and then use resources under the Attribution 3.0 Unported licensed patterns for commercial use?




I have not found any readme.txt file saying anything in my default Gimp installation and I need to know this in order to make a proper decision whether I shall keep on using my wonderful Gimp or shed out pure cash for something else like it.


Any helpful and insightful answers or links are very much welcomed smile.png




Dwarf King

Where can I buy a 3D model of a elven mages and elven civilians?

05 June 2012 - 09:51 AM


I have searched low and high for 3D models of elven mages and civilians. All I can find is some elves with swords and bows. Who sell elven civilians, elven mages etc.

Any good websites beside 3drt and turbosquid would be fine as I have searched already...

Thanks for your help in advanced.

PDB files in OpenGL, Ignore or not?

04 November 2011 - 09:30 AM

I have recently started to pick up OpenGL and I would get a bunch of " Cannot find or open the PDB file" when running my simple programs in visual studio 2010. I search this website and found many claims that we could ignore this as it simply had something to do with missing symbols. This problem could then be solved by going to tools -> options -> debugging -> symbols and ticking off microsoft symbol servers. Or we could go to Tools->Options->Debugging->Output Window and disable.

The thing is that the microsoft server symbol solution won't work I still get these 'Cannot find or open the PDB file' messages and then I read this:


Can we or can we not safely ignore these PDB outputs?

If I have double posted then I apologize.