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#4998580 How would you make something like this?

Posted by on 07 November 2012 - 03:06 PM

Recently I saw an Indi game named "Sui Generis" (here is a video of it http://kotaku.com/5958364/we-might-be-looking-at-the-next-generation-ofindie-rpgs), it seems very interesting. There are two things that are particularly interesting: the physic interactions, the animation of the characters.

My question is related to the characters animation. I want to ask how you can make something like this, I mean the movements seems very "physic driven" to call it some way. I know that Euphoria (http://www.naturalmotion.com/products/euphoria/) is a very good dynamic motion synthesizer, surely with that you can make something similar but this studio doesn’t seem to be very big so they most probably don’t have access to that kind of technology. May be the animations are simple made with Maya, 3D Studio, etc and they have a ragdoll and nothing else... but the result is very good.

What do you thing guys?