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Author, Programmer, Bag of Wind(TM) > Music To My Ears

Posted 01 September 2008

Today, I successfully incorporated the JetLag sound effects into the iPhone version. I have also completed the main menu, how to play, and about screen.

Which means I'm just a little bit of testing away from done with it. And then it's off to the app store!

It is a wonderful thing to hear the jetlag song coming out of headphones on an ipodtouch.

Author, Programmer, Bag of Wind(TM) > Getting There...

Posted 30 August 2008


Author, Programmer, Bag of Wind(TM) > Guess Chess

Posted 23 August 2008

For a second time and a second handheld platform(former platform was Cybiko, for those interested), I'm once again stealing a game idea from John Hattan. The original game is called Black Box Chess, where the goal is to guess what chess pieces go where on a chess board, with the ability to get hints from selecting empty square and seeing how many...

Author, Programmer, Bag of Wind(TM) > iPhone JetLag

Posted 22 August 2008

After toying with it for a while, I changed iPhone JetLag to use a 40x30 grid, which makes each of the cells 8x16 pixels.

I prefer to have the game on a 40x(something) grid, so my choices are:

1. the 8x16 half wide cells that I am currently using
2. rotate the screen sideways, to make 40x26 cells, but all of the 12x12.
3. use 8x16 tiles, but make all...

Author, Programmer, Bag of Wind(TM) > iPhone JetLag

Posted 22 August 2008

We are at a crossroads for JetLag as we know it.