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Rixter by Rixter by Rixter by Rixter > Spicy Curse

Posted 30 November 2008

Rear-ended at a stop light :(. Not the best way to end Thanksgiving weekend.

Rixter by Rixter by Rixter by Rixter > Missile Command

Posted 01 October 2008

Oh right, now I remember why it takes me so long to finish games.

Rixter by Rixter by Rixter by Rixter > I wanna make games

Posted 27 September 2008

So I've been looking a bit through the GameDev journals here and got kinda depressed. You guys are making some really great stuff, way beyond anything I'm doing. Keep it up! No, that's ok, don't worry about me.

Then I went looking through my own journal, and got REALLY depressed. I'll try to keep it short, but here's why (or scroll down, there may be...

Rixter by Rixter by Rixter by Rixter > A letter

Posted 12 March 2008

Dear The Register,

Stop using the word "boffin" in all your tech articles. It's annoying and there are less stupid words out there.

Thank you,

Rixter by Rixter by Rixter by Rixter > End of Days

Posted 10 December 2007

It is the end of days for the dinosaurs. Thousands of meteors rip through the
atmosphere towards the chaos below, echoing off the distant mountains as
they collide into the earth with absolute destruction. All the dinosaurs, in a
state of panicked fright, come together in hopes of salvation, as impossible as
it seems, from the merciless rampage the sky...