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Guess The Money Two! (SOLVED!)

06 September 2008 - 07:54 AM

That's right! It's time for everybody's FAVORITE lounge game: Guessing how much money game! I realize that my last thread has no pictures anymore, and boolean's had a prize, but I'll compromise: Pictures and no prize! Perfect! So here it is: Description: As you can clearly see, it is a peanut jar full of coins. Once all the pennies were sorted out, however, (HINT), four pennies remained. The bottom half has a low quarter density, because at the time I was putting them all in my piggy bank from the last Guess The Money game, but the top half has a pretty normal distribution of common US coins. Here it is again with my lovely assistant Total Annihilation: And if it helps, X-ray vision: I have already taken the money to the bank, so I know how much it is. I'll probably let this run through the weekend, or if nobody's interested, the rest of the afternoon. :)


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MacBook vs MacBook Pro?

27 February 2008 - 07:34 AM

Hey Mac fans, So my mom is actually looking to get a new computer, and she believes a laptop would suit her best. So she was in town a few weeks ago and we went around laptop shopping to see what she thought (she's not totally computer illiterate, but...). Anyway, after some looking around she seems to like the MacBooks best (I was also kinda pushing in this direction). So my question is what are the practical differences between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro? The Pro has a nice video card, but it's also like a 1000 bucks more. She doesn't play games really, but there is a possibility she may need to run Windows programs (not like office, which I know you can get), so what would be the performance differences when running say Vista in a window (with whatever that program is called) or simply dual booting? Can the regular MacBook handle it? The other factor I was considering is that she doesn't upgrade hardly ever, so this would be a long term investment, so is that worth upgrading to the Pro? Is the normal MacBook still a good performer? Thanks

So I bought a 4-cyl import...

07 September 2007 - 02:40 PM

Note: This is an unecessarily long car thread. Yep, bought a new car (first time in 8.5 years!), and it's basically the opposite of my previous car. So because I can, a little about my first (second) car: The 1988 Mustang 5.0. I bought this my senior year of high school, after working long and hard at Wal-Mart I was able to save up and get what I was looking for. Those who occasionally look at my journal will see details of it there. Basically, it has been an amazing car, having nearly 180k miles on it now (50k by me), it has held up exceptionally well, and has hardly cost me anything to maintain (fuel pump (no-name brand) and air pump were the only things to break). Also, for an 80's technology V8, it gets quite good gas mileage, topping out at 27mpg highway (24-26 hwy consistently). This car isn't going anywhere, however, I have plans (as can be seen in my journal) to twin-turbo it using junkyard turbo's...and 5000 dollars in supporting mods lol. It's gonna be my weekend warrior, and I look forward to get started actually tearing it apart (I have most of the necessary parts already). Removing all the boring details, after getting a new job I needed/wanted something a little nicer to drive, and turns out my brother needed to borrow something while fixing the tranny in his car. So I made a couple payments and effectively rented my Dad's (previously my brother's) 2003 Mustang Cobra. This was a lot of fun, with some minor mods it's pushing about 500hp, which makes it rare to find something faster on the streets. I was considering tranfering the loan to my name and keeping it, but it's not the same when you didn't go looking for the car you really wanted, just 'inherited' one. Also, it didn't make a lot of sense, even to me, to only own two V8 Mustangs. Besides, anyone can buy a fast car, I'd rather make one fast. So I set out to find something I could drive year round, somewhat reliable, and basically a second car while my 5.0 is in the shop (my garage) for an undetermined amount of time. I wanted something that looked cool (in my view), fun to drive, but also got good gas mileage. I also wanted to try an import, because I'd never owned one before. After looking at various options, I settled on the car I fell in love with at the 2003 Denver Auto Show: 2003 Mazda Mazdaspeed Protege: There were 1750 sold in the US, half black, half Spicy Orange :D. I pretty much had to get the orange one. It's a 170hp 2-liter turbo charged front wheel drive. At the time of its release, it was the best handling front wheel drive car sold in North America (.88g skidpad). Successor to the Protege MP3 (the first factory car with an MP3 player), it has a 450watt 7-speaker stereo, which naturally was jacked by the previous owner. Fortunatally it still has a deck and the 6 inside speakers, but no amp or sub. No big deal to me. Rated for 24/30 mpg, I took it up to South Dakota (over 400 mile one way trip the day after I bought it, brought some tools lol) and averaged about 31 with the AC on, so not too bad. It isn't fast, even though it's turbo'd, but it is a lot of fun to drive and has enough power to pass people on the highway. Given the color and spoiler, however, I expect every ricer out there to want to race, and I expect more attention from cops than I'd really like, but oh well, I really like the car. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about my new car, so I just thought I'd share :).

ROBOTS (kits)

08 June 2007 - 10:09 AM

So my friend's birthday is comming up, and lately he's been interested in little robot kits. I remember seeing some pretty cool ones online, but now I don't know where they are. So how about recommending your favorite robot kits! He's kind of a beginner, but he's not exactly a kid either, so I expect he could handle something relatively advanced, but I'd like to keep it under $50. Does anyone remember those tiny insect ones, that kinda behaved on their own? I remember those looking pretty cool. Thanks!

Stock Market

18 January 2007 - 01:18 PM

So I've been considering getting a bit into the stock market, problem is I've never done that before. Does anyone have experience buying and selling stocks? Is there a good place to go to get started? I was considering looking into Ameritrade or one of them (which looks like they went up to $10/trade instead of $8/trade, :( ). Is there a better way to do the actual trading? This will mostly be for fun, as I don't really have the money to do any large investing. I've been looking at Yahoo for stock prices. So yeah, any advice/stories to share? Thanks