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Making of: Acclimate Engine > Visual scripting: Control structures

Posted 05 June 2015

Last entry:

Last time, I introduced you to the visual scripting system of my engine. I introduced you to the basics of the scripting system. The next important question is: How do you create a control flow? I've already talked about basic flow from node to node, but what about branc...

Making of: Acclimate Engine > Visual scripting basics

Posted 30 May 2015

Last entry:

The last few weeks, my work has primarly been focused around my visual scripting system, so I decided to make a startup article to present the whole system to you.

The premise:

I assume everyone should know about scripting and its purposes. Whether you are bui...

Making of: Acclimate Engine > Assets: Creation & data processing

Posted 05 May 2015

Last entry:


So after I've talked about the theory behind the new asset system, I'll now go on to show some of the implementation details. I'll start with the more interesting stuff, namely the creation of the actual assets.

The asset class:

To understand whats going on, we first...

Making of: Acclimate Engine > Advanced asset handling

Posted 26 April 2015

Last entry:


Despite being extremely busy the last weeks, I still found some time to put into developing the engine. This time around, I decided to tackle one of the ealierst features/problems I originally put in: The asset management.

The beginnings: K.I.S.S.

A short ov...

Making of: Acclimate Engine > ASL: Geometry & Tessellation-Shader

Posted 16 March 2015

Last entry:

After a long time of not being productive again, I've finally come around to fully implement the current-gen API features to my engines shading language, now called "ASL" (acclimate shading language).

One thing I noticed when learning geomentry, domain and hull shade...