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Member Since 29 Jun 2010
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Journal Entries

Making of: Acclimate Engine > Acclimate shading language

Posted 02 February 2015

Last entry:

Now for something completely different. Since I'm currently working on the graphics module, I thought I'll talk about one of the coolest features of the engine in that regard: The custom shading language.

Why a custom language?

I started the renderer as DX9, and later...

Making of: Acclimate Engine > A custom variant class

Posted 16 January 2015

Last entry:


So this time, as promised, I'm going to describe how the heart of the type-system, the variant class, is being designed/used. It uses both the TypeId and the generic execution routine, plus some additional template magic. This class is called "Var...

Making of: Acclimate Engine > Generic execution routine for type-based code

Posted 08 January 2015

Last entry:

Last time, I've introduced my runtime type system. So this time around, I'll talk about how one can actually run code based on the type system.
Remember that there is a static type, which divides into multiple PODs, Objects, etc... ? This allows us to check...

Making of: Acclimate Engine > A simple and fast dynamic type system

Posted 03 January 2015

Last article:


The type system:

As I've been briefly talking about last time, the need for handling things like serializing components automatically brought up the need for a custom dynamic type system. What are the requirements of this type system?


Making of: Acclimate Engine > ECS III: Queries, and (horrible) component serialization

Posted 31 December 2014

Last article:



Last time I mentioned that as a special case of the messaging in my ECS, I implemented queries. The queries syntax is actually quite similar to messaging:// 1. declare the query classclass CollisionQuery : public ecs::Query<CollisionQuery>{public: Collisio...