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#5044999 Can't figure out an unique and exciting idea for a computing project

Posted by Mafioso on 20 March 2013 - 02:53 PM

Hi, for the past weeks I was thinking of an idea for a project associated with programming to do over the summer. This project can involve anything, from a sophisticated algorithm to a small video game, as long as I can write 5000 words about it and keep myself motivated. I enjoy mostly everything to do with video games, i.e. visual stuff and I assume you guys do to smile.png, that's why I'm asking this here.


So far I've came up with ideas, such as programming Fractals, or making a simulation of Game of Life, but these aren't very unique or exciting ideas and I assume it would be hard to write 5000 words about them.


I have 2+ years of experiance with C++/DirectX/Ogre3d Graphics Engine, but I plan to use Java for this, because I was told that doing something that I don't know is better and It's generaly easier to use Java for a project like this.


If anyone can drop an idea they think is great, bad, fun or involves some interesting maths/computing concept, any video game idea or even an inspiring website happy.png,  please do. I would be really grateful, as this is really important to me. If I will come up with something new, I will post it here.


Thank you very much smile.png.