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What gets you motivated to code?

05 July 2014 - 03:50 PM



I've been having some problems with anxiety and depression the past year or so. I had to take a break from the university to get better. Althrough I never had a problem with motivation to code before (apart from the times I realised that I sucked wacko.png) now, having motivation and the will to do anything is extremely difficult.


I wanted to know, what does motivate you to code? Is it playing other video games? The project you're working on? Your work environment? The people you work with? All the problems that need cracking? Or simply, do you just think it's your work so you have to do it?

Does the status of chartered IT professional grant any advantage when looking for game...

10 September 2013 - 02:21 PM



I'm currently choosing a university where I would like to do my BSc Computer Science degree and I came across an additional accreditation, which allows to have a membership in The Chartered Institute for IT and become a chartered IT professional.


The chartered institute that I've mentioned is a British one, however there should be equivalent ones for other countries as well.


I know that chartered status is a requirement for engineers and some other positions to get a decent job in the industry. Is this of any good for a game programmer or is it just a posh title to have on your CV? Would it make any difference for an employer after graduation?


Thank you.

Can't figure out an unique and exciting idea for a computing project

20 March 2013 - 02:53 PM

Hi, for the past weeks I was thinking of an idea for a project associated with programming to do over the summer. This project can involve anything, from a sophisticated algorithm to a small video game, as long as I can write 5000 words about it and keep myself motivated. I enjoy mostly everything to do with video games, i.e. visual stuff and I assume you guys do to smile.png, that's why I'm asking this here.


So far I've came up with ideas, such as programming Fractals, or making a simulation of Game of Life, but these aren't very unique or exciting ideas and I assume it would be hard to write 5000 words about them.


I have 2+ years of experiance with C++/DirectX/Ogre3d Graphics Engine, but I plan to use Java for this, because I was told that doing something that I don't know is better and It's generaly easier to use Java for a project like this.


If anyone can drop an idea they think is great, bad, fun or involves some interesting maths/computing concept, any video game idea or even an inspiring website happy.png,  please do. I would be really grateful, as this is really important to me. If I will come up with something new, I will post it here.


Thank you very much smile.png.

Should I keep doing it? A levels and programming

01 October 2012 - 04:22 PM


I've just started my A-levels this September in UK that take up most of my time (usually all) and therefore I stopped programming, which I was doing quite intensively before :( . I am sure that after the end of my A levels, I will forget most of what I have learnt during the past three years (which is quite a lot :( )

I really need advice or any guidance on this, is it more important getting a better grade at A levels, or keep improving at programming?
(Since there are around 365 days in a year, every day – a new concept/technique = 365 new concepts/techniques :D )

Would be grateful for any advice or personal experience :) Thanks.

Direct9 window resolution problem

22 August 2012 - 06:16 AM


I created a 2D game with Direct 9 on one machine (desktop), which has a maximum of 1280x1024 pixels resolution, however, when creating, I only used 800x600 windowed mode. Today, I tried to move the game to my laptop, which is widescreen with a maximum of 1366x768 pixels. The window that my game creates appears to be smaller on the laptop than on the desktop and all the sprites, including the 800x600 background sprite also look small and very low resolution, can anyone help? please, I really need this game working for tomorrow Posted Image