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Fast Tap Card (Android and Windows Phone)

05 May 2015 - 11:03 AM

My game published on Apps Stores:

In Fast Tap Card you must overlap cards, in which the values are next to each other, to use all cards and win a match.

Be faster than your opponent!

Challenge yourself, from the easiest to the most insane level of difficulty!

English and Portuguese.







2D RPG C++ new version 08/21

29 July 2013 - 11:28 AM

Description: A simple 2D RPG game (untitled), currently developing the game engine and focusing on gameplay elements.
  • Top down turn-based RPG.
  • Pick a character class.
  • Character level increases: distribution of points between attributes.
  • Unique skills between character classes.
  • Generic abilities for any character class.
  • Quests: Main and Optional.
  • Achievements.
  • Equipment Slots: both hands, helm, armor, gloves, boots and accessories.
  • Affinity Equipment System: To build your gear. (not implemented).
Controls: Mouse (required) and Keyboard (shortcut keys to access menus).
Tools/Libraries: C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio 2012) | Boost | DirectX (June 2010 SDK) | FreeType | FreeImage | OpenAL | OGG | Vorbis.
Platforms: Windows.
Languages: English and Portuguese (native).
Links: If you want to test: My Google Drive Link (Just click on File >> Download (11 MB), not need to install!).
Any DLL error (ex: d3dx9_43.dll) you will need to install DirectX Redist (2 MB): DirectX Redist Minimal Package.


Doubt if I can post my project here

28 July 2013 - 12:25 PM

Hello everyone!
I am developing a RPG in C++ (alone) a while ago and as I have no skills to do graphics and even audio contents, so I'm using image files and audio from other games (most comes from the RPG Maker).

What I would know is: At least can I be posting the link to download here? If not what could I do?

Is not a commercial game.

What I would like is to have some feedback while I'm developing it.

Currently, I'm developing the game engine.
Some screenshots:


Sorry if I posted in the wrong place

[D3D9] Draw Filled Circle avoiding Triangle Fan

24 January 2013 - 02:25 AM

I'm implementing some controls for my GUI system, and now its time to do a RadioButton class, whereas I'll not using textures, but pure primitive shapes.


Its very simple: what I'll do is render a unfilled external circle and if RadioButton is clicked/checked, will be rendered a filled one inside.


Since Triangle Fan is marked as deprecated for D3D10+, can achieve it using Triangle Strips?

Model circle;
float position_x = 50;
float position_y = 350;

float radius_x = 30;
float radius_y = 30;

const int degrees = 360;
const float degrees_to_radians = 3.14159265f / 180.0f;


//Direct3D Triangle Strip

//Direct3D Line Strip

circle.SetPrimitiveCount(circle.GetVertexTotal() - 1);

for (int i = 0; i < degrees; i++)
    const float rad = i * degrees_to_radians;

    circle.SetVertexPosition(i,position_x + (cos(rad) * radius_x),position_y + (sin(rad) * radius_y));


Using LineStrip top result and TriangleStrip bottom result:


Porting from Shader Effect FW to raw Vertex/Pixel Shader

12 January 2013 - 03:02 AM

Using Effect FW i could use methods to pass data to shader using a string as handle:


So what i doing now is:

call D3DCompile to fill my ID3DBlob with compiled data.

call CreateVertexShader to create it by passing ID3DBlob above.

and for Constant Table i call D3DXGetShaderConstantTable passing ID3DBlob above. Problem here: D3DX call.


Now that D3DX library is deprecated for next DirectX updates, can i still use ID3DXConstantTable and D3DXGetShaderConstantTable?

Because i can make the same code like above, working with string handles not with registers directly like this: