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Arthur Souza

Member Since 20 Jul 2010
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Journal Entries

Lotuz - Life with indie games > Facebook

Posted 18 September 2015

Hey guys,

In my efforts to come back to posting I've started a facebook page!
You can now hit me up at https://www.facebook.com/stuffgamestudio :DDDD

Lotuz - Life with indie games > Open sourcing my projects and blogging again

Posted 06 September 2015

Hello guys!

I'm slowly returning to writing small articles and doing small modifications to my projects, and as a first step I decided to start releasing stuff I create on github.

So the first piece of code I'll release will be the brazuca project I did in a small 48h marathon because of boredom, that ended up being a cute little pet project of mine. It...

Lotuz - Life with indie games > The Return of the Lord - Games by younger me

Posted 14 July 2014

Hey guys! I thought I would share this with you. This is a game I made with rpgmaker that lasted a while. I worked in this from 2005-2007, when I was 15-17.

The game is in Portuguese, pt-br, so that would be a little confusing for most of you, but I really want to share it.


Lotuz - Life with indie games > Flickering overlapping objects - Common bug

Posted 21 June 2014

I have recently been playing Don't starve, and have come to find a common bug that happens in many 2d games. It's something a little hard to come by when test developing.

Sometimes, two objects that slightly overlap have a flickering effect. This happens because one object is being drawn in front of the other at a time.

The common cause for this is the...

Lotuz - Life with indie games > Getting back on Brazuca

Posted 04 January 2014

What's up guys. I have been working again on the little football (soccer) game I have developed on a marathon a while ago. I really like the game, and I have already posted it. I'm reworking graphics and will get back to fixing some gameplay stuff and adding more content to it.

You guys can get it via dropbox, here:

It requires .net framework 4 and xna...