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Arthur Souza

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Journal Views

18 September 2015 - 04:02 PM

Hello guys,


I believe this is not a priority and that it's kind being worked on already.


I'm just wondering if there is any ETA or something like that to the bug with journal views not being counted being fixed?



Receiving upvotes

13 July 2013 - 02:04 PM

Hey guys.


Whenever I receive an upvote, I can't see anymore in what thread it was on. The "item" part of the reputation log doesn't show up for me.


Rep Item When

+3            32 minutes ago


I can see other kinds of reputation gains or losses, like:


+1 Logged in 2 days ago

+1 Voted up 3 days ago

Ball height on a 2d soccer game

07 July 2013 - 01:48 PM

Hey guys! Im working on making a quick soccer game, just for fun, started on it last night, and it kinda looks like this:



Is just some mouse action, the gameplay is basically kicking the ball.


Now, I'm wondering about what can I do to simulate the ball height. I have to be able to kick the ball high or low, to kick above other players, and high on the goal, and I also have to be able to kick too high and miss the goal.


I'm thinking about adding a height variable to the ball, and having the ball sprite showing the ball higher or lower, and having the position variable on the ball reflecting the actual GROUND position on the ball, so that, to check where the ball is, i check both the position and the height, which gives me 3d coordinates.


I'm not sure about how good would this solution be, and maybe someone that has worked with projectiles and that kind of stuff in 2d games can give me a hand.

Zombie Survival Sandbox?

06 July 2013 - 06:57 PM

Whats up guys. I'm looking for games that fit on the horror/zombie/survival sandbox style of stuff, I dont know any games where you have to collect resources and assemble a camp or a fortress of sorts, most games I know are about going after zombies or running away, but not resisting and building. Does anyone have sugestions?

Action RPG WASD Controls

22 June 2013 - 04:55 PM

Hey guys. I have been wondering for a long time about hotkeys in an action RPG where you move, initially, with the WASD. Of course, considering that movement can be customized by the user, but if the movement is not based on the mouse, but aiming your spells and attack is, this would lead to 2 busy hands, and using skills in hotkeys other than Q or E would get a little annoying. Has anyone played or can suggest RPGs or Action rpgs with WASD based movement or some suggestions regarding this?