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#4970579 Unregistering Raw Input

Posted by on 17 August 2012 - 09:38 AM

So I am changing my input system from directinput to raw input, because I want multi mouse/keyboard support.
I've figured out most parts, but I have trouble getting one major part right.

I have 2 classes, an inputmanager and a window class.
The window class just creates a basic frame in which I can draw etc.
The inputmanager, as the name suggests, manages all the input.
Instances of the window class can be registered at the inputmanager, which will then register the raw input devices, and peek for input messages every frame.
A requirement for this is that the window class ignores all WM_INPUT messages (does not remove them from the message que).
If it does not do this, input messages sometimes leak through between the inputmanager peeking for messages and the processing of the window message que, even if they are called right after each other.
This is not acceptable for a game engine, so the window just ignores the WM_INPUT messages.

This is works fine and all, until I tell the input manager to stop tracking input on that window.
The window is still ignoring all the WM_INPUT messages, while the inputmanager does not pop them anymore.
So basically the message queue just starts filling up with WM_INPUT messages and no one takes them out.

Now the best solution of course would be to just unregister the devices so that they stop sending WM_INPUT messages and everything acts just like it did before I registered them, but this does not seem to be possible.
I am unable to find a function that does this.
The closest thing I could find was RIDEV_REMOVE, but this does not do anything related to the window, and I am uncertain how much it actually affects.

So what I need is:
Something to unregister raw input devices.
Some other solution to this problem that doesn't mess up the architecture without any leaks.

A requirement is that the window does not have to know if it is being tracked at the moment.

OS: Windows
Language: C++