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Profitable Online MMORPG Browser Game with Huge Potential for Sale

10 January 2013 - 07:05 AM

Game URL - www.piratearena.com


Piratearena is totally unique MMORPG game in real time.


The business model is simple. The game is free to play but if the player wants to be good, he/she has to buy a VIP(premium package) and white Perls so he/she can upgrade the ship, have instant repairs, instant buildings and a lot more. The VIP unlocks a list of additional features not available to free users. Additionally you can also make money by displaying advertisements.

Just to make everything clear, this is what you will get:


- Exclusive rights for the entire game, art, engine, etc. 
- Full server(s) set up
- Full support
- Marketing advices
- Help with managing the community


The game is designed in way to be very easily translated in different languages.


Please use the test account below or create your own
user: GodWrath
Pass: testaccess


When you enter the game, click on the open seas button to see the action. Enter any port/harbor to see the game play there. You can exit the open sea to see the island play and the rest of the game.

To test the boarding fight you have to find another player online or create another account and enter the same map. You can also message me and we can simulate it to see all the functionality

The game can be also very easily embedded in game portals or social networks.


Few facts:

Currently the game has 252 quests and growing
Currently the game has 42 maps and adding more
Currently the game has 126 harbors and adding more
Currently the game has 11 different ships and adding more

The game is controlled from very massive admin system.


Q: What is the monetization method?
A: As in many browser games, the game makes money by selling premium/VIP features and premium items as well as virtual currency. The business model is simple. The game is free but if you want to be good, you have to buy VIP and white Perls so you can upgrade you ship, have instant repairs, instant buildings and a lot more. The VIP unlocks a list of additional features not available to free users. Additionally you can also make money by display advertisements.

Q: I don't like the current design. Can you make an unique art design for our market
A: Yes. We have a team of designers and art designers who can make a totally unique design

Q: Do you have a FaceBook version
A: Facebook version can be very easily created and we will assist in any way.

Q: How easy it is to translate?
A: It is very easy to translate. Everything is in language files and it should take about 3 days for translation in any languages. We can also do it for you.

Q: Will you have any updates/upgrades
A: Yes. We will continue developing the game and adding new features. All updates will be free.

Q: What are the technologies used?
A: PHP, Mysql, Javascript, AJAX, Flash/Flex

Q: Will you sell more than one license for a  1 county/language
A: No. You will get exclusive rights to run the game in your market/country/language. Contracts will be of course signed

Q: What is the competition
A: There is only one other game in this genre and our game is a lot better in game play, graphics, etc.


There is also an option to buy a license of the game for your country.


If you have any more questions I will be more than happy to explain everything in details over email, Skype or phone call.

Where to Sell Completed and Active Browser Game

08 January 2013 - 05:32 AM

We are a gaming studio that have been working on a browser game last few years. Now our company main focus has shifted to mobile games and applications development and want to sell the browser game. Could someone please direct me where is the best place to try selling the game.


Thank you in advance.