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Multi Player Action Game. Good Idea or Bad Idea?

07 February 2013 - 07:20 PM

I've had this idea for a while now and I personally quite like the idea of it, it's not meant to be a series war game, it's all about customising your war vehicles and taking them to war with friends!


I've written up a design brief for the time being, I believe this does a good job of conveying the idea but if you have any questions feel free to ask! Also please feel free to rip the idea apart if you truly think it's a bad idea, please though, explain! smile.png


And also, please check out my other design documents here and comment on them? [GDD] Destroy All Towers - [GDD] StealIt - [GDD] H(a)unted




Thank you for your time and I hope to hear some comments on these designs! :)

Trying my hand at game design documents.

01 January 2013 - 04:09 PM

Hey, again!
So I'm making my second topic of game designs here because my first topic fell into obscurity! Anyway, I've worked harder on these designs (I think so anyway) and instead of them being just game design briefs like before, I've made them into game design documents, woo! I was using this template "http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JasonBakker/20090604/84211/A_GDD_Template_for_the_Indie_Developer.php" because I believe it was perfect for the size of project I was planning. 
Also please note, my spell checker has given up the ghost on me, (probably trying too hard to battle my dyslexia), so I apologise for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. I did proof-read them several times though!
My first project is "StealIt", a thief game where your job is to become the best thief in the world! I spent about 4 or so days writing this up, so please be gentle! 
Also a little game for you all, spot the EA-made-up-genre!
This next game is "H(a)unted", some of you may remember it? I posted it months and months ago, it's been in varying states of development with different programmers thoughout it's life, but it is a project I would actually like to see get developed (closest it's been was a lighting tech demo).
H(a)unted (unfinished):
I still have a few more projects in the works, and will post them as and when I can, how ever I thought I'd post these now and start getting some feedback on what you think of my game design documents. Feel free to rip them apart if you want, but I only ask one thing, please leave comments as opposed to just saying "nah they suck mate"!
Also you may notice a lack of "Game Flow" in my H(a)unted design doc, this is because the one in StealIt too a bloody life time to do, so I'm wondering what may be the best and most efficient one to cover game flow?
If you are at all interested in any of these projects, then feel free to contact me here. I'm open to all suggestions!

A few design ideas

12 December 2012 - 05:44 PM

So I've posted a few of my game ideas on here before and had comments and critiques from you I'd like to post some more here for more c&c, some of them are adapted ideas I've posted before that didn't receive to favourably.

They are mostly bare bones, and just briefs. The reason for them being bare bones is that in the past one of the critiques I received was that I tend to dilute my designs with idea after idea. Basically just adding and adding to impossible proportions.

Unamed Tower Defence Survival

Platform: PC

You are the last remaining band of humans on the planet after a virus outbreak. The war is over, and now it's the fight to survive.

• Online Multiplayer co-op
• Survival based gameplay (hunt, mine, build, scavenge)

Design Brief:
• The Game will be a first person Tower Defence type game.
• Day and Night system with both having an effect on the different enemy types on the map such as, in day time the infected hide away from the sun light and become lethargic and slow. Where as night they become much more stronger and go on a hunt for the player(s).
• You’ll need to hunt animals for food, and for clean water. You’ll also need to mine for materials to build your base/shelter, and scavenge weaponry and tools.
• Create turrets and automated weapon systems to help defend your base
• Materials have different strengths to help you better protect your base
• Play co op with friends and survive together
• Multiple difficulties

(This idea came after playing some minecraft and then playing some dungeon defenders)

Platform: PC
You are a master thief for hire. Anything can be stolen if the price is right.
Design Brief:
• Multiple level types from museums to banks
• Scale buildings, infiltrate sewers or even take to disguises
• Recce the target location before attempting the heist
• PVP style online play, where you are two teams attempting to steal the same item, you must outsmart the other team and can use distractions and even attempt to get the other team caught by security forces.
• Use stealth to avoid detection as you perform the heist
• Tools to help hack into CCTV cameras, bypass door key-codes, shutdown laser grids

(This idea still requires a lot of work, but this one came from the Uncharted 2 mission where you have to break into a museum.)

The Worst Game in the World!
Platform: iOS/Android/Browser
A game with all the worst possible mechanics ever? What could possibily go wrong?
Design Brief:
• Minigame style game play of the likes of Wario Ware and Frobisher Says!
• Complete tasks in a time limit using select poor game mechanics
• Compete with friends on leaderboard style game play

(A bit of a joke really, I think this idea could be received well in that it's satirical about all the mechanics games have gotten wrong over the years, like QTE's, snap-to cover, regenerative health and stuff like that).

Space Port Manager
Platform: iOS/Android
Design Brief:
• Create your own space port with a choice of locations from Planets to deep space.
• Deploy fleets around the galaxy to gather resources and items to be sold on your space port.
• Compete with other space ports in the galaxy to become the best space port.
• Custimise your space port from colour too layout
• Place shops, cafes and arcades to attract more customers and guests

(this one I've posted before, but decided to restart the idea from scratch and make things simpler.)

Anyway, you know the drill! comment away! even if you think the ideas are terrible, just one thing, please tell me why you think so.
and if you're interested in working with me on one of these projects feel free to PM me!

Complete beginner

18 July 2012 - 08:03 AM

I'm a complete beginner at programming, I tried to teach myself C++ a while ago and it all went downhill. I struggled a lot with it and was really put off, but I've always regretted giving up.

I made a topic a while ago about dyscalculus and programming and many people here posted about how they'd dealt with it so I've decided I'm going to work on it as well, but I don't know a good place to start.

What languages would you suggest for a total beginner? And what books?

Because I'm interested in Game Development is it advised I focus on that area more so? Or just programming in general?

Thanks for your time and help!

2 Game Designs I'd like to discuss

14 April 2012 - 05:46 PM

I've got two game designs I'd like your C&C on, these are just some ideas I've had and are in no way a work in progress development wise, I've not even finished designing them yet just want to see what you lot think of it!

Co-Op Thief RPG.

The objective is to steal items and aim to be the ultimate thief in the games universe. The player can decide between stealth style game play or all out combat with enemy monsters and guards. You can even mix up the gameplay during the heist.
Targets for the thief will be fortifications, towers, shops, mansions, airships and other such buildings, the player can chose to climb and stealth their way through to steal the item, or attack and fight their way through.
Items the player has stolen will be stored back at the player’s base, the player’s base will be customisable and the player can chose the environment for the base.
Other players online will be able to steal items from your base if you play online or NPC characters can fill that task and so in order to protect your stolen goods you can recruit the help of monsters and mercenaries from the game world. It’ll be up to the player to train the guards, you can do this by fighting them.
There will be dungeon crawling elements which will allow to player to train and level up, and also capture monsters for their base.

SpacePort Manager Simulator.

· Choice of Scenery; Planet (Desert, Water, Jungle, Metropolis), Asteroid, Space Station (Different planet backdrops).
· Build trade services around your space station such as shops, mercenary camps, freelance miners.
· Create fleets and send them out to mine planets or asteroid belts for minerals too sell on your markets. Also create trade fleets too send your markets off to other parts of the galaxy to increase income.
· Manage economies befriending empires to increase business (such as, befriending the human empire which will decrease how much the fuel costs them but increase resource yields and fame, and reduce the cost for repairs and upgrades for the player).
· Easy to use UI
· Own multiple space stations and buy out competing businesses and their space stations and fleets.
· Time System including Day and Night system for planetary scenery.
· Protect your Space Station and fleets from terrorist attacks and alien attacks.
· RPG elements

So yes please tell me what you think, even if you think the ideas are utter rubbish! But please tell me why! :)