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Constant Buffer Array in DX11

08 August 2010 - 02:21 AM


Is it possible to create an array of similar constant buffers in DX11 and then index them on constant slot number?

This is an example what what I want to do (but it doesn't work):

cbuffer cIndexableCB [3]
uint4 myIndexableConst[4];

// the paramaters below are number of threads in a thread group/CTA in each direction
[numthreads(256, 1, 1)]
void cs_main( uint3 threadID : SV_DispatchThreadID )
uint v1 = uav1[threadID.x];
uint multiplier = cIndexableCB[1].myIndexableConst[2].x;
uav1[threadID.x] = multiplier*v1;