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N.E.W Project

14 May 2013 - 01:07 AM

Dear all,
I'm Nicolas, a french developper of 35 years old.
I'm glad to show you my project today.
My project is named "NEW" for "Never Ending World" and it is an online RPG based on PVP gameplay. The world is composed of lot of islands and the goal is to conquest and control most of them and catch resources to grow up your own town.
Each player is affiliated to a town (like a Guild) and each town can be built in the same system of Anno or Age of Empires for example. Each building create a NPG and some new features in the town and for players.
At this moment, I created an editor and the off-line game-engine (I already developped an on-line project but not for "massive system")
The editor is able to create automatically an island (heightmap, structures, trees, grass, rocks, textures, ...) without my collaboration and need near 30 minutes for this.
The result is this :







I'm alone on this project and develop it on VB.net 2010 and Truevision 3d 6.5.
I bought licences for commercial use for Truevision 3d 6.5 and all meshes you can see !
My goal is to give a Beta release to maybe launching a Kickstarter project and have enough money to continue and add features.
To conclude, I give you a little video (sorry for the poor quality of it)
Thank you a lot !

Eyengui Project

16 April 2011 - 11:16 AM


I'm nicolas, i'm a french developper using the 3d engine TV3d and VB.net 2010.
Since some months, i re-developp a project named Eyengui.

Eyengui is an on line RPG project based on exploration, discovers and craft. The world is a waterworld with some hidden isles and the first goal of the player is to find islands. When he found one, he must explore it and discovers some treasures.

Eyengui project is composed of some applications :

1. Eyengui Environment Editor (E3) : To create islands and place objects, trees and so on.

2. Eyengui Server (EyeS) : the main server system that control connections (client and editor connection) and chat.

3. Eyengui Physic Server (SPEye) : The server for playing on an island. This server ) is launch by the "EyeS" when a player goes on an island. Then it's a "stackable system" and each SPeye has a TVPhysic Engine who determinate all events on the island.

4. Eyengui Game Engine (Ege) : It's the client application.

At this time, i work on the graphic effects and meshs optimization. I haven't the knowledge of all TV3d and it's a quit difficult for some sub systems (like shaders... Posted Image)

This post is just to present my project and then i would like to finish by some screenshots and videos. (sorry for the size of screenshots...)

-> Screenshot of E3 with my auto-mesh position tool
Posted Image

-> Screenshots of the EGE :
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

-> A video of an island generated autmatically by my E3 system (heightmaps, texture splatting, save files...)

-> A video of the EGE

At this time E-Server, E3 are ok at 100%
SPEye is under tests
EGE is under tests

Eyengui : ORPG Environment Editor

11 August 2010 - 07:53 PM


I'm Nicolas, a french developper and alone on my project : Eyengui.

Eyengui is a

Project Name: EYENGUI
Dev environment: VB.NET 6.5 + TV3d

Eyengui decomposes into "applications" or "modules"
My goal is to make functional three main modules plus a scripting internal langage.

E3 - Eyengui Environment Editor: The editor of the world. E3 used to create maps from scratch with many options and possibilities.

E-Server - Server Eyengui: the application server that manages all network messages and Database needs.

EGE - the Eyengui Game Engine: The Game-client.

- The E-Server now fully respond to the needs of an alpha. I created my own network system and database system.

- The EGE also works with chat, network etc.. Moving on map is by a mouse click on the map that sends a message to the server and move the character. I activated the moment 10 different chat channels. I manage mesh, landscape and actor collisions.

- E3 is also the edges of the Alpha. I only has a debug system and add 2 or 2 funny features but not essential.

Here are some screenshots from E3. I recall that the E3 also works in complete connection with the server and it is impossible to operate without connection to E3 E-Server.

Configuring the computer screens during:
Win XP SP 3 / / AMD Athlon X2 Dual / 5600 + / / 2GB Ram / / ATI Radeon HD4600 Series

1. Launch of E3. A gray grid, each square represents a map of 100m x 100m. The system allows to create almost infinity. You may notice on the left the server.


2. Via a tool you can create maps "blank" (black square) or load a heightmap. The system will cut the multiples of 256 (a map of 512 * 512 will be here so 4 square 256 * 256)


3. I like to draw ... A brush size and intensity and I draw on the square. Everything is saved on the disk in the car of course. Pressing the F5 key triggers an algorithm "blur" which rounded corners


4. F1 is the vision 2d, F2 is happening in 3D. Automatic system builds the maps that you drew in 3D ... Here we see the 9 maps ...

5. I like drawing BIS. Brush Tool, you select from a library of textures (customizable) texture. Again, size and intensity are required. As before everything is backed up live on the DD.
The mouse wheel lets you change the altitude of the camera and move the QZSD are required!


6. We manages all the objects ...
I'll be back later on the BDD developed for the application. Namely, for everything related items, everything is managed by the server and then modifying each object is referenced by the server that records in the database ... which means that everything is also recorded ...


And an In-Game screenshot


And finally some little videos !