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#4813658 [web] I got hired for an Internship with Web Development need some tips.

Posted by on 20 May 2011 - 03:57 PM

Sorry but internships are meant as a learning experience is it not? I've made a web page before but I've never coded using pure HTML only. Anyways thanks for the tips I'll keep them in mind so that everything works properly. But most of what you said falls within the real of Software Design part of my internship is to interview other people's web developers (govermental organizations) and to learn from them.

Indeed they should be learning experiences (newsflash: all of life is a learning experience. if you don't realize that then you need to get your head on straight.) but I hope your work is vetted before being posted, no offense intended. If you've made a web page what did you use other than HTML? Unless you're referring to having used WYSIWYG editors or using another framework to ultimately generate HTML output that's impossible. And you're wrong. Most of what I said falls within the realm of your due diligence. If you are going to be making web pages on behalf of the government then you have a duty to implement certain features so the page is accessible and usable by everyone in the constituency. Government resources are authoritative resources. Your mistakes can easily become the cause for conspiracy, doubt and blind trust and can set in motion a myriad of potential problems so you really do need to bring your A game. "I'm just an intern" won't cut it professionally speaking and if you're doing this for any other reason than being a professional you should just quit now. I'm intentionally being harsh because of the nature of work you're doing and the path you're going down. If you do this then you very well may end up doing future government work and if I can get just a tiny bit of professional responsibility in you and help you realize the potential scope of what you're getting into then my job is done.

When did I ever say that I'm going to half ass this? Dude just chill and relax, I understand your annoyed at poor programming pratices and programmers who cut corners. I was simply veiwing the things that you mentioned where covered in some of my classes entitled Software Engineering and Software Design. It's all a part of programming and it's more important then the programming itself. Yes I used HTML but I used it via a visual interface using Visual Basic so I wasn't coding purely in HTML. Overall I just want a nice website to guide me trough the basics of HTML and Web desing as a refresher to what I've already learned in my classes. I was being a bit over exaggerated when I mention I don't know anything. I just wanted someone to post a "beginners guide" They are many out there but all of them use many different things and IDE's and what not.

And yeah I'll do my best hence why I bothered posting here It's important that I don't go in knowing nothing and important that I work at this from the start right now. So that by the end of it all I have a Professional webpage I can be proud up and have great feedback and maybe even a job offer. I'm not too big on web development I prefer general programming but it's an internship and it's programming and I love programming. So yeah I'm going to do my best and I do appreciate you being harsh I've seen very poor source code as a student of Code and yeah overall I know what need to be done (for the most part) So yes life is all a learning experience you are correct and currently I'm trying to learn a way to find great HTML resources. The website is done in HTML 4.01 so I dunno if I should learn that or simply learn HTML5 but if I learn HTML5 then they might want it "downgraded" to 4.01 for consistency sake. So there is another question I ask.

#4806547 I need to learn how to load a mesh in OpenGL...

Posted by on 04 May 2011 - 01:43 PM


When I first tried looking into ASSIMP I was pretty noobish and it was all a bit much for me to take in and took a while to get it working but then again it does take me a while to figure things out in general.

Anyway you might want to look into this:

Its called GLM and is used to load .obj models. I haven't had a chance to have a proper look yet but it looks pretty simple and a lot lighter than ASSIMP which does pretty much everything.

EDIT: Beat me to it.......
As for triangulated meshes, its pretty standard and can be done with the simple click of a button in most modelling programs e.g. Maya.It just means that the mesh consists only of triangles but it all depends what the model loader is set-up to work with. In that tutorial the model loader is only set up for triangulated meshes as it accepts 3 vertices for each face so if there are any faces with more than 3 vertices it will cause an error or draw weird.

Good luck.

Ah alright well how do I triangulate the file? I downloaded maya 2012 I just want to triangulate the thing....

#4788813 Should I just quit now? I'm 3 years in....

Posted by on 21 March 2011 - 03:53 PM

Here is my situation, I'm at my third year second semester, (two more semesters to go) my GPA 3.64 and I'm in computer science major. I'm currently taking OpenGL and Java.... and I can't program anything. I tried working in my spare time here with a group.... and bam I failed, I haven't been able to make a program for a long while. I always get the most strangest errors. I follow the rules books and everythign else and it just crashes and burns. Won't compile give me the strangest compile errors and overall nothing I do has been good for the past year. I'm currently trying to do some shitty java homework and I've been at it for 6 hours.... and I've done nothing..... Working for 6 hours and I got nothing to show for it. What a joke of a programmer. I've been really down on myself and I just don't see how I can even compete with some of you people. I just think I should cut my losses and just go work at best buy and focus on my photography.... honestly seems to be the easiest way out. I just need some advice, encouragement anything whatsoever. I just feel like a huge failure right now and no matter how long I study or do work the java api is a joke in regards to how I should implement thign and overall... nothing I do ever works.... I'm probably the most pathethic programmer on the face of this net.... Try my hardest and nothing works.... six freaking ours later.