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In Topic: Tycoon genre, definition thoughts

27 May 2013 - 08:37 AM

Tycoon games are about making money by running a business. It would be very confusing to leave out the money part and call it a tycoon game.

However, the confusion is probably having a strong sub-genre within the tycoon genre. For example rollercoaster tycoon is more a building game. You build amusement parks. Some people even play in sandbox mode with unlimited money. So there you have a tycoon game without money playing a role in it... it says "tycoon" in the name tho...

A very popular sub-genre of tycoon games these days seem to be the time management games. It's still about making money by running a business. But the strategic decisions are not very complex, it's more about not burning the burgers on your grill while you take the order of the next customer.
A lot of those casual games put tycoon in their name... I don't know, but they might have given the genre a bad reputation... If you are thinking about putting "tycoon" in the name of your game, it might be possible you automatically narrowed down your target audience already without people even taking a look at the game... Or you might attract casual players to your complex business simulation game and they leave with frustration.

On the other hand, if I would want to look for a simulation game of a certain business, I would google for "<certain business> tycoon".

In Topic: Lemonade Tycoon type game - which platform?

26 October 2012 - 02:20 AM

Also, have you considering using a c/c++ lib that compiles for android/ios (such as orx)?

Not really. Perhaps if I would own a mobile device with Android or iOS on it, then I would know what I'm writing a game for. I'm stuck in the age where people use their phone to make phone calls *blush* :)
Also I'm used to code in Java (using Eclipse) at work (business applications), so for writing an Android game I would use Java (using Eclipse).

In Topic: Lemonade Tycoon type game - which platform?

25 October 2012 - 07:47 AM

Thanks for your quick reply.
My goal was "getting it made" at first. But I'm not afraid to learn new technologies. If the game appears to be suited for mobile or web, which is what I hear from people a lot, it might be worth the effort. Earning money is not a goal, so that's already an advantage :)

I have never seen that Construct tool before, I'll give it a try. Maybe prototyping the game gives me new insights.

In Topic: A model of an ecosystem

19 October 2012 - 08:53 AM

It's rather abstract... so if I understand right, you let the world evolve while the player is playing it? Not like the usual world generator where the world is generated once at the start, but after that it's only the player changing the world.

It might be interesting to see the ecosystem behave in a reaction to what the player does. Perhaps the player is not seeing the tier 1 resource you call "energy", but his actions could alter it?
Also, do you have a goal or story in mind? There is an ecosystem, but that alone doesn't sound like a "game".

In Topic: Are people getting tired of voxel games?

15 October 2012 - 08:25 AM

Let's call it "voxel style graphics sandbox games" Posted Image

If you are afraid of making something people will be bored with, you can always try something original Posted Image

An option might be to replace the graphical style, then you end up with a sandbox game where you have to invent other ways people can be creative. Perhaps you can let them pump up oil that is used to mold plastic objects. Have this little crafting interface which is a very simplified 3D modelling tool.
Make sure people can easely put up screenshots or youtube video's of their creations, because the whole purpose is to show off your creations Posted Image

Or replace the "sandbox" part and make it a race game (cars with square wheels, must be funny), an fps or a tycoon game perhaps.