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Lemonade Tycoon type game - which platform?

25 October 2012 - 06:30 AM


I have made a design of a lemonade tycoon type of game. A casual game where you run a business and have to make decisions based on the world around you to make money and become a tycoon. It's a little isometric view of your business and people visiting it and a bunch of management screens. Not very shocking, but I don't want to make it too difficult for myself.

Now, for the choice of platform I'm stuck somehow in a dilemma. I have experience with C++/SDL which is very nice for 2D games. When I would choose the C++/SDL path, I feel comfortable to make it work on Windows/Linux as an application, because I have done this before.

But more and more people I start talking to, say that this type of game will do much better as mobile app or web app. For example a web app has the advantage of easely distributing updates or store/compare high scores with other players.

The dilemma is: Would you take on this opportunity to learn something new (eg Android, HTML5,..) OR would you stick to what you know and focus on the game itself at first?

Thanks for any input