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Engine Metrics

09 September 2011 - 04:19 PM

I've setup some metric recording in my engine and game. It aggregates values that I want and saves it out to compact format that I then parse with some Python scripts.

I was thinking about the best way to present this data. I'd like to use a web form if possible, but it seems like that solution is already available. Can anyone recommend any 3rd party web tools that might be useful for rendering that data in a nice way? I have used some python libs for showing graphs, but I would think there are some better things than that.

Thanks for the help!

GS Steam-Out to new VS

30 August 2010 - 04:07 AM

I have a question that I can't find a direct answer to in the documentation. I'm trying to build a geometry shader that uses Stream-Out that I want to in turn feed back into either the same or a different vertex shader.

All of the documentation I've read about the stream-out feature seems to focus on reading the buffer on the CPU side, then possibly using it again for the GPU. However, is this required? I would think that you could create a buffer specifically on the GPU that will be immediately used for the GPU again.

So I'd like to do the following:
1) Create a regular Vertex Buffer
2) Send it to the Vert Shader
3) Send that to the stream-out Geom Shader
4) Stream-Out _back_ into the same or different Vert Shader (without any external buffer calls)
5) Use the new buffer as if I were binding it on the CPU side.

The post at http://shadermodel1337.wordpress.com/ showed me a nice step-through of the process, but it's still being written assuming that you want to read the results of the stream-out buffer.

Anyways, any info would be appreciated. Thanks!