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In Topic: On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad of an idea would it be to use a JSON like for...

11 January 2013 - 08:01 AM

I guess there isn't that much to gain. I just really love using my Lua wrapper class. It has a lot of cool functionality, but it's probably not the tool for this job. Thanks for all the answers.

In Topic: On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad of an idea would it be to use a JSON like for...

10 January 2013 - 04:13 PM

Didn't think about security. For what it's worth, messages would probably be executed in their own lua states, and I won't even load the standard libraries into those. I use states like that to load data.

In Topic: Looking for some awesome open source projects

14 December 2011 - 11:35 AM

@compscialien: I do mostly Java lately but I know c++ as well though I'm probably rusty by now. I don't really mind learning a new language, that'll probably be the least of what I'll need to learn to really contribute any given project. I'll look into those projects and see if there's anything to pique my interest.

@_person_: Thats interesting. Truth be told I'm a little afraid of 20 year old c code (It's two years younger than I am lol). I'm pretty interested in networking so a MMORPG might be a good fit. I'll definitely check out that project.

In Topic: (C++) I know doubles have tiny accuracy problems but mine seem unreasonable

26 June 2011 - 10:56 AM


You were right about the endl thing. I really can't believe I didn't catch that on my own.

In Topic: How to Make a Compelling Main Character

03 January 2011 - 06:01 PM

Original post by sunandshadow
Another way to get a tragedy would be to have the character do what was true to themselves but get killed by the ruthless world because that wasn't the best choice for survival.

Hmm... I suppose I didn't think of that because even in a tragedy I like some of the blame to be on my character. Your way would be more tragic and depressing but I think my way rings a bit truer since when it boils down to it, most of the time we're all partially at fault for what goes wrong in our own lives (even if we're not quick to admit it).

Then again if sticking to what I think is realistic lessens the emotional impact of my writing maybe I shouldn't bother? ... Internal conflict... I'm becoming one of my characters... nooo!