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i need a favor re: imperfect shadow maps

19 October 2012 - 08:33 PM

imperfect shadow map reference:


point-based GI code sample:

i want GI and radiosity done cheaply in real-time. accuracy is not crucial, but look and function are. imperfect shadow maps seem an ideal solution, but i've never seen in practice in a real-world context.

that brings me to the favor i have to ask: does anyone have a modest game up and running they could transplant some of that sample code into? i'd love to see this stuff up and working in a game i could actually play, or at least watch. it'd be a hugely appreciated effort.

how does id Studio work?

29 August 2011 - 06:33 PM

the mesh paint tool specifically. in the first quakecon demo of rage matt hooper toggles between a preview of a final level and a decal layer underneath as he and carmack explain that the tool works like photoshop and that each brushstroke is saved to history. so are maps saved in two formats, one editable with all decal history and one with a final/preview baked down megatexture? and how do do they deal with memory limitations in id Studio? is that decal information streamed during editing or do they have the benefit of a highend server infrastructure?

i guess if the predefined texture sets they work from are part of the megatexture, they can almost infinitely layer them with no real concerns, or is that wrong?

simple WYSIWYG editor

04 January 2011 - 05:24 PM

i've wanted to work on a project like this for sometime. ideally it would be a very basic modeling and animation tool at first, designed to be expanded into something greater. support for primitives and simply polygon manipulation would be the hallmarks, along with some simple scripting as well, and maybe some premade organics complete with bones.

the idea is to have what-you-see-iswhat-you-get editor to work from, in a fairly intuitive manner. i don't want to post a formal request because that's jst a waste of time and i am fairly drunk, so pleae excuse all of this. but if anyone has any interest in helping me starting something like this, i would appreciate it