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Survey:Composing Music for Video Games & Game Sound Design

08 September 2014 - 10:02 AM

We just posted the results of our 2014 GameSoundCon Game Audio Industry Survey.


The survey covers issues of salary and compensation, contract terms for composers, sound designers, audio directors and just about anyone involved in creating sound or music for games.


We broke the industry into three main groups:

1) large budget games available at retail (eg Xbox, Playstation, "big" PC games, etc)

2) professionally produced casual games

3) indy games.


  • Game Music and Sound is predominently a freelance gig (60%)

  • Game Music is overwhelmingly "Work for Hire (95%)

  • Average Salary (employee): $70,532*

  • Average "AAA" per project fee: $76,822**

  • Average Indy/Casual per project fee: $9,830**

  • Game Audio is overwhelmingly male (96%)

  • Most game composers also deliver SFX

  • "per unit" royalties rare (<2%)

  • Game Soundtrack clauses are rare

​And here's a finding I was very surprised at:

  • Even in "large budget games," most music is 'mostly virtual' (54%)



You can download the full report at www.GameSoundCon.com


* Salary representes annual wages, excluding bonuses, health care benefits, profit sharing, stock or any non-guarenteed compensation.

** Project fees do NOT include recording or production costs. 

GameSoundCon LA Earlybird Registration Final Days

01 September 2014 - 04:34 PM

Hi All,


As luck would have it, our back end registration service for GameSoundCon (123signup) has been having issues this weekend and there were periods where people were unable to register.


So we're extending the Earlybird Discount for GameSoundCon until Thursday Sept 4.


I apologize for anyone inconvenienced by the outage issues.


Thanks and hope to see you in October



GameSoundCon 2014 Los Angeles

October 7-8, 2014



Don't forget the  GameDev Net discount for visitors and regulars to GameDev.net.  By using the code, GDNET, while registering, it will take $50 off registration

Game Music and Sound Development Survey

05 August 2014 - 04:50 PM



We are conducting a survey of game composers and sound designers in order to obtain more detailed data than the recent Gamasutra survey.


Please forward this to your audio department or contractor.  It's a very short survey (13 questions).  I'm posting to this group to try to get increased coverage (I'd posted separately in the "music and sound" forum of course smile.png).


The survey closes August 7.


Game Composer And Sound Designer Survey




Thank you

Brian Schmidt

Video Game Music and Sound Industry Survey

29 July 2014 - 05:37 PM

Hello Game Dev Net community,


You may have read that the Gamasutra industry salary survey came out last week.

The results were a bit.....perplexing.  Specifically, it would seem that "audio" salaries are higher than "programmer" salaries.  What's with that?


This anomalous result is actually for a couple of reasons

  • The survey received relatively few audio responses (this was mentioned in the survey report).  Low response numbers mean low survey accuracy.
  • The survey is designed to track salaried employees-- But much of the work in music and sound is done by freelancers/contractors
  • The survey is sent to the GDC Attendee mailing list.  This biases the results to those who attendeed GDC, which tend to be the most senior audio people.  ("Low man on the totem pole" doesn't get sent to GDC)

To get some results more meaningful to our industry, I've created a brief (13 questions only) survey about contracts in game music and sound. If you have a moment and have worked in the game industry professionally in the past 12 months, please consider taking the survey about the last game that you worked on.  


Please only take the survey about a game that you worked on in a professional capacity--i.e. you got paid for, and please try to be as accurate as possible.




I'll be posting the analysis and results of the survey sometime next week at www.GameSoundCon.com 


Thank you!

Brian Schmidt

GameSoundCon 2014, October 7-8, Los Angeles, CA

06 July 2014 - 03:07 PM

GameSoundCon 2014 Los Angeles
October 7-8, Millennium Biltmore hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Hi GameDev.net'ers:

This year, the 10th GameSoundCon will be held October 7-8 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel  in Los Angeles, CA.  


I've created a GameDev Net discount for visitors and regulars to GameDev.net.  By using the code, GDNET, while registering, it will take $50 off registration.  



At GameSoundCon, we cover the technical, creative, production and business challenges of working in the game industry as a video game composer or game sound designer. The main sessions will cover a lot of the questions I see here on gamedev.net in depth (and much more!).  Last year, we moved to LA and attracted over 200 composers, sound designers and game people from 5 continents


We've got a great lineup of speakers, including an incredible keynote speaker (who will be announced soon!), Other speakers and panelists include Guy Whitmore (Peggle 2), Paul Lipson (Audio Director, Microsoft Game Studios), Penka Kouneva (Prince of Persia, Transformers), Winfred Phillips (Assassin'sCreed 3: Liberation), Charles Deenen, Lance Hayes (Forza 5), and many more.



This year, we are running 4 concurrent rooms:

Room 1: Game Sound Essentials

Game Sound Essentials is 2 days of sessions on the fundamentals of video game music and video game sound design.  Think of it as a 2-day crash course in the essentials of game audio.

Room 2: FMOD Studio Hands-on workshop

FMOD Guru Stephan Schutze is coming from Australia to lead a 2-day "bring your laptop" hands-on workshop in the all-new FMOD Studio.

Room 3: Game Sound "Pro"

For those who have a few games under their belts, the Pro Track covers some more advanced topics in game audio, from compositional techniques, audio integration,to  VO and score production challenges.  This year in our Pro Track, to better reflect where the growth in game music and sound jobs has been the highest, we are placing a slight emphasis on "procaz" games--professionally produced casual games.

Room 4: WWise Hands-on Training

The folks from Audiokinetic are coming down for a day of hands-on training on WWise, covering new features, music and sound design using WWise including the brand new MIDI functionality.


We also have a couple more surprises planned....which we'll let you know about over the coming few weeks.


We are also hosting our annual GameSoundCon networking Mixer for GameSoundCon attendees on the evening of the 7th, following the first day of the conference. Mix and Mingle with speakers, panelists, other GameSoundCon attendees and local Game Audio professionals.


If anyone has any questions about GameSoundCon, please don't hesitate to contact me