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In Topic: Microsoft Windows, SDL, and closing a Window @_@;

29 December 2011 - 01:41 PM

As I stated, I've tried multiple things. The first I tried was 'return 0;' which didn't work, and exit() was also tried. I've tried them separately and together, as well as an atexit() thing which also did nothing.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just noticed my typo (aka: (&event)==0) ) and a couple of other issues. I fixed it, lol

In Topic: SDL text-entry issues: The Sequel

17 December 2011 - 07:43 PM

Firstly, let me just thank you for the idea to add /usr/include/SDL to the include path! It took me a few moments to figure out I had to add it in the 'compiler' page of Code::Blocks' options and not the 'linker' one, but your choice of words helped me out there.

As for user_input being included in a printf, that was only for my own testing purposes. I feel a need to stress that this source is still, sometimes, going to have my testing doodats in it and is far (very, very, very far) from being anything release-worthy. As long as I don't do those things (and I know not to), things will be fine. As for all advice, in general, it is very much appreciated and will be taken into consideration as I continue. I seriously can't thank you two enough for what I've already been given! ^_^

EDIT: I nearly forgot what else I was going to ask! How might I force-uppercase input? I would prefer not to use an all-caps font, so is there a way to coax a program into treating input as though shift or capslock is in effect? @_@;

In Topic: SDL text-entry issues: The Sequel

17 December 2011 - 05:05 PM

For starters, rip-off, I am indeed using C. Allow me to comment on some of your comments:
1. The preprocessor usage was only to test it. I've changed it to just hardcoded values within SDL_SetVideoMode().
2. String.h, which I'm guessing (because it isn't an hpp) works with C, will be tested out at a later time. I'm rather unfamiliar with it, in all honesty. Things can be adapted.
3. unistd was included out of recent habit, thanks for pointing that out, lol
4. text input doesn't need to be very complicated for this game or the next two titles I've considered. Name-entry for up to 9 letters (used 'alexander' as a reference for name length possibilities, so as not to cheat people out of using favourite names) and NPC conversation input won't examine anymore than the first four letters of input (exactly the way Ultima did it, because I'm a retrojunkie for things I like).
5. SDL, in my Linux Mint Debian Edition as well as all other distros I've used, never compiles for me (gcc with codeblocks) unless I use the headers as though they're in a subdirectory. I do what works for me, and others will be welcome to change that aspect of the code if they would prefer when I release it with the game.
Before my list becomes even more ridiculously long, I'll cut it with this: I'm aware of many of the things you've pointed out, and I really should have made it clear with better commenting or something. You've supplied some helpful information, though, and what I can use will be used. @_@;
Thanks for all this feedback, I'll definitely make a copy of these posts in a file for reference and will work on correcting/revising some things before I continue with my work (to make sure future work won't need to be rewritten along with what I already have). You've been an amazing help, where your advice actually helped. Admittedly, no one can string together a reply like that and have all of their suggestions be of benefit, but you've given me quite a heap to work with! :)

In Topic: SDL text-entry issues: The Sequel

17 December 2011 - 01:35 PM

Oh, THANK you! I seriously and completely appreciate this! That's one of my problems resolved, so that's a good start for today... Now, to put this to use. :D

In Topic: SDL text-entry issues: The Sequel

17 December 2011 - 08:31 AM

Well, now the following text is giving me an error:
br_panel[0]={"[S]tart new quest"};
(The error being "expected expression before '{' token" which I've gotten before in this context and still dont 'get')
There will be mistakes and problems, as this is a learning project as much as it is an important one to me. If someone can shed some light on this error, he or she has tripled my chances of getting this finished successfully. :3