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In Topic: Space empire building game

Yesterday, 02:44 AM

Or maybe make it a single race empire?


Like: you are Terrans, all aliens are hostile/weird/not to be negotiated with.

You start with the single planet in the center then automatic colonization starts. There are two kinds of colonization: "official" done by corporations with the intent to stay in the empire, always nearby planets and "private" with the intent to set a far, far away frontier planet your independent home with own government.


So you are all the same race, just the population pararerly colonizes inside the empire and outside of it.


Then the population migrates as they see fit (you have no/low control over it).



Fauna & flora - instead of the "40 random races" there could be randomly generated fauna & flora on planets, some very hostile/dangerous. The thing is once someone colonizes the planet the fauna can travel too (there are always some idiots that take take their pet Xenozaur to another planet) and you some times don't want these to spread around.

Since you have no control over neutral planets it might become a breeding ground for these nasty parasites/diseases and you might want to introduce a ban/restriction to travel to planets outside your empire (or quarantine them, or simply bombard from the orbit as the last resort).


Hmmm, it might be interesting too I suppose...

In Topic: Space empire building game

Yesterday, 01:43 AM

I like there being neutral races, because it offers some potentially interesting choices with respect to how to annex them (propaganda, economic takeovers, slow immigration of loyal races, religious conversion...)

I see, thanks, that's the feedback I'm looking for (what is fun and what to keep).




It sounds like you're making a distinction between the race and the state

Well... yes... or maybe. Multiracial empire is one of my ideas. But I feel I'm missing something very important here and that it is not the core of the game.


Maybe let's look at it from the point of view of planets & gameplay ignoring the races for a moment.



In that game you should claim like 1/3 of the map (the central part around your home world) very fast and very early, it's like the core of your empire that stays loyal to you most of the time. Then the next 1/3 should be claimable with a modest effort (propaganda, diplomacy, culture, economic take over). And the last 1/3 should be some sort of frontier/outskirts with planets resistant to joining, the breeding ground of pirates, separatists, rebels, strange & dangerous aliens, the use of force would be primary form of conquest in that part.

Then some disaster comes (in forms of very aggressive aliens) and they start conquering/annihilating planets (no matter who owns it) and the player try to stops them in a tower defence style (so neutral planets are useful as an expendable cannon fodder that slows enemy without any negative effect to us (it's not our citizens/factories that are annihilated)).

Then there is some internal separatists uprising and some of our planets turn rebels and want to leave the empire which we need to stop as well.


That's how it should look like from the gameplay point of view (I don't know how/where races falls in here...)



Colonization mechanic - it should be fast at the beginning, like 1 planet per turn, and the immigration to new planets should be fast as well (and growth rate on empty planets too blazing fast - until they reach modest numbers). Let's say your empire colonizes one planet each turn automaticaly. They go by the distance from your capital. You can also click a planet and set "colonize", it will be colonized first or click "do not colonize" and it will be never colonized (so you only prioritize or disallow colonization). The neutral races could colonize separately.

Once a planet is colonized it gets an "empire join check" and it either joins the empire instantly or not (if it was colonized by citizens of your empire you get a +50% bonus to instant joining).

In Topic: Governments in games

11 July 2014 - 11:44 PM

Imperium (EA), 1999 - it had quite fun personnel system (for that era at least), you wanted to have loyal and competent ones but also not too popular (otherwise they could win elections); you also could kill them by addicting them to Nostrum, a life extending drug, and then withdrawing it; you also gave them titles and salary. You can find it on several adandonware sites (and only there).

In Topic: Speed of fleets

11 July 2014 - 11:30 PM

So... it sounds like the consensus is that it's better to not have different speeds of ships?

In Topic: Space empire building game

09 July 2014 - 12:39 PM

I need help on these races/neutral planets. Not sure what model would make sense...


- make the galaxy empty (no neutrals only hostiles) and only one race (Terrans) that conlonizes it?

- make 8 races and they auto colonize regardless if they belong to empire or not and planets act separately (not per race)

- make like 40 races (a bit insane :D), problayby just parametrized (like: Race A is scientific + aggressive)

Or some other model?