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In Topic: Game themes

22 July 2016 - 05:57 AM

I wanted to know if I could create a theme for ' Trxilt '.

Sure, start by renaming the game to "Trxilt Pirates" or "Kingdom of Trxilt" or "Invaders from planet Trxilt" or "Ninjas of Trxlit". It's an imperative that the name draws you to the theme (because you want to attract players who want to play "pirates" or "ninjas" and the name would allow them to quickly find it).


Overall, "Trxilt" is a great name for an abstract, non themed game. And in your particular case I would not make a theme at all (theme is an opposite for an abstract game, actually, I think (could be wrong) the definition of an abstract game is a game without any particular theme).

In Topic: Automated Space Combat (4X)

20 July 2016 - 02:02 AM

But if gameplay is focusing on grand strategic level, how is allowed to make decisiones about the upgrades installation? Is that the installation is done at building site (major work), and not just prior to any combat (repair or maintenance work)?
Also, there is the believing that grand strategy is even greater at the abstract level than "strategy" alone but that's too much overkill for a game to be fun, so you're on the right path here

Prior to combat.


It's more about "in what kind of ship types/upgrades I should invest" and then "where my fleets should station/whom should attack". All mundane things (sending ships to repairs, replacement of destroyed ships) is automated or abstracted.


The whole weapons, fighters, torpedoes are here to allow rich content to manipulate on strategic level (should I invest in fighters? should I make a dedicated fleet and station it on borders with race X or a more generic one which I could use against everyone?). Possibly also change those over time (like on turn X there is a major discovery (all races) making fighters less efficient and torpedoes more efficient).


On the building side they player decide what types of ships (hull types & hull sizes) are in a fleet and which technologies are researched (bonuses to certain weapons/ship classes).


I'm looking for a combat system (also alien races ships composition/patterns & weak/strong points) that could convey it.

In Topic: Automated Space Combat (4X)

15 July 2016 - 11:23 AM

It's interesting but I would primarily need a mundane combat calculations system. Like how those ships, fighters, torpedoes work and deal damage to each other. Only once it's done I could do more sophisticated things.


I was thinking about something like this (there are many holes in how it should work, so a very generic one):


Combat procedure:

1) Ships launch all fighters

2) Phases (repeat 9 times)

2.1) Ships (each stack) launch torpedoes (up to the number of torpedoe tubes, skip if no torpedoes left, typically most ships have those sufficient for 3-5 phases)

2.2) Torpedoes choose targets (they attach to the target stack)

2.3) Fighters attack enemy fighters (how?)

2.4) Ships (each stack) chooses a target enemy stack and fires beam weapons

2.5) Fighters attack incoming torpedoes (how?)

2.6) Ships (each stack) use Point Defence weapons to fire to incoming torpedoes

2.7) Torpedoes deal damage to ships (stack it targetted)

2.8) Fighters attack ships (how?), ships (each stack) use Point Defence weapons to fire to incoming torpedoes

2.9) Damage is applied to ships and kills are applied

3) Combat ends


Weapons effectiveness:

- beam weapons (ships) deal X-Y damage, heavy ships can ignore Z damage (therefore heavy armoured battleships might be totally immune to low damage beam weapons); big ships have typically higher damage beam weapons than small ships

- torpedoes deal damage equal to 1/3 of target's max HP, regardless of target's HP (therefore these are the most efficient vs big ships)

- fighters fight each other and have bombs which deal 10 damage each but ignore all shields and protections and resistances (so unstoppable 10 damage per fighter that passes through)

In Topic: Gas and energy (abstract) for a strategy game

25 May 2016 - 11:04 AM

Yeah, I will drop powerplants.


Planets (as planets) and cities (so sort of population) will consume energy.

Sources of energy: Gas in converted to energy, also rare resource (Civ 3-5 style) Uranium grants energy.


I wonder about possible energy related technologies (if you have ideas post):

- gas burning enchancer - gas to electricity conversion efficiency +X%

- energy conservation - cities need X% less energy

- fussion reactors - doubled electricity from uranium resource

- maybe some sort of: insulation - cold planets need less energy (but it's confusing if it means cities or the planet)



The mechanic can still be changed/adjusted, so post if you have a good idea.

In Topic: Most important principles of game design?

25 May 2016 - 07:57 AM

The ability to finish what you started (with strong focus on features prioritization, cutting non essential things, anti feature creep mindset, time management & deadlines).