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In Topic: Slavery, Include Or Not?

29 August 2016 - 10:51 AM

I think you should not look at it from the moral point of view. But from the "what player is going to do/player's morality" point of view.


For example, in case of a game when you run a sugar plantation and you (the player) is personally going to whip your slaves, well, it's kind of outrageous :) But when you have a game like Victoria 1/2 where you have those slaves as an abstract category of population and the player is not catching those slaves and not doing anything bad to them and even have an option to free them, well, it's completelly OK.

In Topic: Very Simple Parser A Bit Similar To Bbcodes

10 August 2016 - 01:36 AM

What language(s) are you working with? There's a few options depending on what tools you have immediately accessible.

C++. Added the proper tag to the post.


You don't need a parser, just a lexical scanner will work, tokenizing the text to a sequence of tokens.


Alternatively, you can use regular expressions, or even look for "[" in the text 'manually', but that seems like more work at first sight.

I see, tokenizer not a parser then :)

Is there a simple and fast tokenizer that suits my needs? Or just should I rather write one?


If the syntax keeps as simple as your example shows then you wont even need a tokenizer just a stated reader something that does

Even if you decide to use a tokenizer/parser just avoid using something like ANTLR because it produces to heavy code. Then you should define your rules by hand it is simpler as you might think even for such syntax schemas as C++


In Topic: How Do You Go About Your Game Design?

25 July 2016 - 07:52 AM

I typically start with mundane technicalities like genre, if it's single player or cooperative, platform, how long the average game session will last, etc. Then I go for a central concept (like "no micromanagement", "you are the Emperor of the Galaxy", "asymmetric gameplay", "historical accuracy of medieval world") and a theme. Then I check if it makes sense market wise and if I can manage it promotion wise (where it will be sold, what the price wil be, what kind of player will play it).


A very important part is the decision what will be NOT in the game (like tactics vs strategy, never both). What will be sacrifaced to make the rest of the gameplay solid. Actually it's far more important than what will be in the game.


Next I try to post about it on some forums. Because I need to persuade people the game will be great I need to write certain things, what I wrote/promised adjusts the game and let me know what's needed to make this game appealing (for example in one game I added "saving princess and slaying dragons" because it sounded cool on the game's description :D). These improved the game.



Oh yes, and the most important thing, I set the deadline :) Without it nothing works :)

In Topic: Game themes

22 July 2016 - 05:57 AM

I wanted to know if I could create a theme for ' Trxilt '.

Sure, start by renaming the game to "Trxilt Pirates" or "Kingdom of Trxilt" or "Invaders from planet Trxilt" or "Ninjas of Trxlit". It's an imperative that the name draws you to the theme (because you want to attract players who want to play "pirates" or "ninjas" and the name would allow them to quickly find it).


Overall, "Trxilt" is a great name for an abstract, non themed game. And in your particular case I would not make a theme at all (theme is an opposite for an abstract game, actually, I think (could be wrong) the definition of an abstract game is a game without any particular theme).

In Topic: Automated Space Combat (4X)

20 July 2016 - 02:02 AM

But if gameplay is focusing on grand strategic level, how is allowed to make decisiones about the upgrades installation? Is that the installation is done at building site (major work), and not just prior to any combat (repair or maintenance work)?
Also, there is the believing that grand strategy is even greater at the abstract level than "strategy" alone but that's too much overkill for a game to be fun, so you're on the right path here

Prior to combat.


It's more about "in what kind of ship types/upgrades I should invest" and then "where my fleets should station/whom should attack". All mundane things (sending ships to repairs, replacement of destroyed ships) is automated or abstracted.


The whole weapons, fighters, torpedoes are here to allow rich content to manipulate on strategic level (should I invest in fighters? should I make a dedicated fleet and station it on borders with race X or a more generic one which I could use against everyone?). Possibly also change those over time (like on turn X there is a major discovery (all races) making fighters less efficient and torpedoes more efficient).


On the building side they player decide what types of ships (hull types & hull sizes) are in a fleet and which technologies are researched (bonuses to certain weapons/ship classes).


I'm looking for a combat system (also alien races ships composition/patterns & weak/strong points) that could convey it.