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#5243759 [personal] one of my games passed greenlight, first time ever :)

Posted by Acharis on 31 July 2015 - 03:15 AM



how about a "lessons learned" article about your greenlight experiences?


it could be of great help to us who may follow in your footsteps.

My advice would be "don't do it the way I did it " :D As I see it I have failed every single marketing/promotion thing :) Except one thing, "the concept looks great on paper", I have a feeling this alone did all/most of the work... Some people/press got hyped about the game, it was surprising. I did a lot of controversial design choices (like you can't construct buildings on planets) in order to focus on the things I wanted (like no micromanagement), strangely there were no people complaining about it, instead, out of nowhere, popped out a horde of people who had identical/very similar views on how such a game should be made to my views :)


So, I guess, if I had to give some advice it would be: "don't design your game the same way others do" and "originality pays off".


But again, I'm not very qualified to give any advices on greenlight.



You should write a post mortem on the project and post in in articles. I am sure I am not the only one curious about your experiences a long the way and if going back what you would have / could have done differently. Congrats by the way!

It's just greenlight, the project is not completed yet. So it's too early for a port mortem.

#5243341 [personal] one of my games passed greenlight, first time ever :)

Posted by Acharis on 29 July 2015 - 02:33 AM

I know it's not the proper subforum but here are most of the people I know on GDN.

So, my game got greenlit, first one ever :) I'm gland I went back to PC development and regret I didn't do it sooner.



BTW, if you are curious how this whole greenlight thing, well, I clearly messed up the marketing part. Went through purely by GameDesign part (all the risky unique choices I made paid off it seems, not sure if these will make a good game but definitely originality is good for hype, especially if you are terrible at promoting) and maybe luck was involved too :) Anyway, I'm probably not very competent to give advices on greenlight :D


I would also like to thank all the people here who were answering my numerous posts over last 3 or so years.


#5242942 To use mana or not? (that is the question)

Posted by Acharis on 27 July 2015 - 06:00 AM

How about another approach, you can use each skill X times *per dungeon*? Or *per stairs*? When you level up you get +1 skill use.

Or night/day cycle and skills replenish at midnight. Or skills replenish each time you rescue a princess :D


And an option "replenish all skills" which can be used once per dungeon.


2. Like 1 but each skill has a cooldown of X turns. More powerful ones have longer cooldown. Cooldowns only refill during combat, not while exploring (so CDs will remain into next fight).
I don't like that one.


3. Skills cost mana/energy to use, so more powerful skills use more mana, forcing you to plan. It regens in town only (maybe with rare potions as well.
There should be altairs/pools/fountains in the dungeon that "replenish 50% mana". Making it renewable in the town only makes it too similar to HP.

#5242646 Loyalty, etc

Posted by Acharis on 25 July 2015 - 12:40 PM

One note: I'm more interested here about the loyalty than about the rebelion. So, if you have ideas for loyalty that is not connected to rebelion, don't hesitate to post smile.png

Same goes for "unbalance between court factions", it does not have to lead to rebellion.


Of course rebellion is perfectly acceptable smile.png

#5242645 What should I name my sandbox game?

Posted by Acharis on 25 July 2015 - 12:36 PM

I think "Time Craft" is perfect. Clearly shows it is minecraftish yet it has this curious unique component.


Other: Transdimensional Craft, Multiverse Craft, Timeshift blocks, Portal Craft.

#5242608 Loyalty, etc

Posted by Acharis on 25 July 2015 - 09:31 AM

Edited the first post to make the question more clear :)


Overall, I have this mechanic but... Or are you saying I should keep it as it is now?



Curruption is a separate stat and a separate mechanic :) So, Loyalty and Corruption are different things in this game (althrough high corruption means possible rebels get a bonus to funding due to common people being annoyed).


are you doing turn based?

Maybe I will also post the link to the blog which has all the basic stuff/mechanics explained http://silverlemur.tumblr.com/ (in case you are bored or something :))


I've played some space empire games where the rebellion mechanic was kind of crappy IMO. You'd just suddenly get a notice that a planet has rebelled. It would be better if there were some kind of events that would begin to occur before a full rebellion occurred, even if i was just some kind of simple notice. "A minor rebel faction rose up on this planet, they caused some damage, but were crushed. Taxes have been reduced by 75% this turn" or something like that.
Exactly, exactly :) Rebelion should not pop out of nowhere. There has to be some secret organization that prepares it, they should slowly collect the funding (which you can slow down by imperial police forces vigilence), they should have rebel bases, etc.

#5242593 Loyalty, etc

Posted by Acharis on 25 July 2015 - 06:33 AM

You are the Emperor (space empire).



* Planets have Loyalty.

* You have various imperial officials: (civil branch) planetary governors, imperial court, (military branch) army officers, fleet officers.

* There are court factions (5 of them), each civil servant (no military) supports one of them. The influence of a faction is based on how many officials support it. You want these factions to be more or less equally supported (there is "unbalance" variable which hold how unbalanced these are overall).



Now, I need to make the loyalty/faction's balance of power do something smile.png Like usurp/coup attempt chance of some sort?

At the moment I have this (but I'm not sure if it's so good and looking for alternatives/polish/etc): All loyalty is summed up and then there is "rebel support" variable which is derived out of it. Once rebels collect sufficient points a big rebelion starts (it's not specified who the rebels are, they are generic and supported by various sources).

#5242586 What should I name my sandbox game?

Posted by Acharis on 25 July 2015 - 04:53 AM

How it is different from Minecraft? The uniqueness should be included in the title (or they will riducule you do death, trust me, seen it dozen of times).


For example, (assuming I had infinite time biggrin.png) I would make a game about floating islands, each island is a separate instance (circular) and can change position in relation to other islands. You can also create flying ships instances (smaller number of cubes and smaller circular area) that are not part of any island, in addition each player would have access to a cheap limited flying of some sort (wings/etc). I would name it "Floating Cuboic Islands" or "Floating Steampunk Cubes" or "Floating Cuboids" or "Sky Islands". This would also let me get rid of all those pesky people who say "why I should play your game when I can play Minecraft" smile.png


If I were to make a game where you don't build personally but manage several peons and it has a day/night cycle where you need to defend yourself I would name it "Castle Story" tongue.png 

#5241847 Robotic race

Posted by Acharis on 21 July 2015 - 08:30 PM

Idea for a mechanic (without a story).

- those robots live in various parts of the galaxy, scattered, small clusters

- they launch a conquest mission/colonize and establish a "node world", at least 5 sectors away from other nodes

- next they conquer/colonize 1-2 systems neighbouring the node world as "extension worlds"

- from now on they raid neigbour systems (next to their colonized worlds) and assimilate the population/kidnap the population without conquering the planet

- if at any time the node world is conquered its extension worlds cease to function as well

#5240876 guns, ships and space combat :)

Posted by Acharis on 16 July 2015 - 01:27 PM

There are 5 types of ships: escort ships (corvette, frigate, destroyer) and capital ships (cruiser, battleship).


Each ship has guns: main guns (ex: 4x120mm), secondary guns (ex: 8x60mm) and PointDefence (ex: 12xPD) used for fighting tiny fighters and incoming missiles only. There is also armour (not necessarily one value) and shields.



How to make combat (hit/damage/etc calculations)?


I was thinking along the lines of "big ships are quite resistant/immune to small weapons" and "big weapons do not necessarily deal drasticly more damage - using too big a weapon against a poorly armoured target being the waste of firepower".

#5240520 Robotic race

Posted by Acharis on 15 July 2015 - 10:37 AM

So what you are not looking for is The Borg
Not necessarily, but yes. The Borg would be fine :)

#5240101 Managing a relationship network

Posted by Acharis on 13 July 2015 - 11:23 AM

What really bothers me with that mechanic is the role of the player in all this.


Imagine you are a commander, you are laying a sige or something. You have a mortar, you would like to deply it, but Joe and Frank (one skilled aimer and the other skilled loader) hate each other. So you try to mix these soldier around and finally thought "you know, maybe lets not deploy the mortar because I can't find two soldiers that can operate it except Joe and Frank and they hate eath other and it will be bad, let's instead send them with knifes to the enemy trenches, sure, less efficient but they will actually trying to stab the enemy rather than each other" smile.png


OK, that's an exaggerated example, but still, that kind of consideration is not what real commanders do (and not what a player would want to do). Commanders fight the enemy, that's their focus smile.png They don't focus on high school level drama smile.png



One note: it does not apply to generals apparently. We have many historical sources saying how they hated each other and how they undermined each other and how they wanted the other one to fail. So this mechanic would work quite perfectly in some "Army group" or "Front" level simulator.

But if we talk about regular soldiers who actually are in a very real danger of dying if a fellow soldiers fails, nope, I don't believe it smile.png

#5239869 Managing a relationship network

Posted by Acharis on 12 July 2015 - 02:15 AM

Isn't it almost a genre trope that things don't work this way in a fictional setting (at least when it comes to sci-fi)?

Alien and Prometheus both center around a mercenary crew who all fail to trust each other or work together. The Pitch Black / Riddick series heavily plays on inept mercenary crews who end up killing each other through mistrust and ineptitude. Firefly uses the betrayal of various trusted teammates repeatedly. And so forth...
Movies are one thing, games are other. While I enjoy watching Star Trek with the captain and the pilot, main engineer going on planetary missions (instead of highly trained professional expedition corps) if that was in game and I was seeing another "GameOver your captain was killed on away mission" notice I would make me blow up on the stupidity of the game.


You can't compare these mediums, a movie is a fairy tale, a game is the real action with the real blood and real consequences of your actions (and no, you can't be sure that all main characters will survive in a game since there is another episode coming next week :D).


An office environment could work well too - plenty of backstabbing office politics and unwise romances...

A party of adventurers (a la RPG), or a more loosely-knit paramilitary organisation (say, pirates), also seem to fit the bill.
LOL, "Office wars: manage placement of your precious workers and prevent them from killing each other", yeah, that should work.



I would advice against this mechanic. Mercenaries do not behave this way (those who do die horribly & early smile.png), the moment social stuff affects the performance a military formation is hindered considerably (can you really envision a real combat situation when males that fight on same side sabotage each other? since caveman times males learned to *never* do it 





1) You can't compare a professional caveman hunting party with undisciplined, forcibly drawn, young, hated by their fellow citizens vietnam US soldiers. You simply can't, it's not this level, not even near.

2) They lost, so it proves my point :)

3) Most of the fragging incidents were against superior officers, so it's not a case of love/hate social relationship but of a military discipline.

#5239820 Managing a relationship network

Posted by Acharis on 11 July 2015 - 04:56 PM

Does this sound like an interesting mechanism or a distraction? Would you enjoy having to balance keeping on a strong mercenary or firing him to promote social cohesion, or does that sound like a frustration getting in the way of fielding your awesome army? Any opinions on mechanics or interfaces that could make up or play well with this?
I would advice against this mechanic. Mercenaries do not behave this way (those who do die horribly & early :)), the moment social stuff affects the performance a military formation is hindered considerably (can you really envision a real combat situation when males that fight on same side sabotage each other? since caveman times males learned to *never* do it - those who did not lost their females to other parties who learned to put aside personal feelings when on a hunt/war), it's a big immersion breaker for me.


Note that in RPGs (like Badurs Gate mentioned) the situation is different, there is some party travelling together and they don't need to travel/explore together (they are not mercenaries), so social stuff take into account is normal .


Maybe retheme it? This mechanic would make a great "high school simulator" :) With love/envy/jealousy/rivality diagrams and the like :)

#5239590 Laws/edicts system for 4X

Posted by Acharis on 10 July 2015 - 02:04 PM

- Budget Sliders, or in this case, Infrastructure Construction Budget.

For example the emperor allocates a lot of money to finance the construction of agriculture, therefore the planets will start using this money to build farms, and maybe that desert planet will make a moisture/whatever top notch farm.
Hmmm, that actually makes a lot of sense. You have "industry/sector type priority" (1-9) and you set it for agriculture, mining, industry, refining, etc. This affects the odds which sector will be improved next on a planet (assuming it makes sense, desert planets would behave as if these always have 0 agriculture, unless you go for 7+ priority where it starts behaving irrational and try to build farms even on desert planets - as long as it is capable of at least a minimal food production).