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#5274209 Starting with gameplay: finding a story to match

Posted by Acharis on 04 February 2016 - 04:30 AM

Do you need a story in the first place? I mean, if it's puzzle players probably would not care anyway. Note that not all games require story (Tetris does not for example :D).


Also skeleton stories might work here. Like no text, but you see a kitten on the other side of the river, when you reach the animal the level is completed (story being obvious here).

#5273742 2D RPG Combat Mechanics

Posted by Acharis on 01 February 2016 - 03:53 PM

More information would be helpful. Like what's the party size (1 means a soptisticated system can be used while 8 means a simple but fast is obligatory), what's the theme (SF means range weapons which might works better with different mechanics), how many enemies simultaneously the player will face (the more of them the less desirable a classic turn based is), how often the combat will be (if rare task based might make sense), etc.

#5273150 Central and local government

Posted by Acharis on 29 January 2016 - 03:30 AM

Check attachment (court screen concept).


You have 18 courtiers, all on one screen (6x3). They are divided into departments (A-F) and ranks (high, mid, low). So basically a rows and columns system.

Managing courtiers: You have like 5-8 "court moves" which replenish every audience event. You can use those moves to move around courtiers. You can promote (up), demote (down) or move (left/right), each such action cost 1 move point. The top row (high rank) can be only demoted (can't move left/right). If at any point a courtier is missing (for whatever reason) all lower ranks (same column) move up one spot, then the lowest rank slot is replenished by a new courtier at the end of turn.


The characters affect their department depending on their rank (so, traditionally, you want the best ones at the top). Same for faction affiliation, influence of the faction depends on rank of its supporters.


Events: during audience you have a chance for a "court" event which allows you to "fire all lowest rank courtiers (6 characters)" also there is a high chance the high rank courtier (top most row) will visit you during an audience, then you have a chance to fire such individual (if a character visits you you can always fire him/her, you can't do it via the court screen, only can move around people there).



So, what you think? Other ideas/modifications?



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#5272868 How to call this government system

Posted by Acharis on 27 January 2016 - 01:50 PM

Genetically engineering an emperor isn't something that can be done by "society" as a whole. There must be a powerful organization that has the technological refinement and source material to produce a candidate (e.g the Tleilaxu in Dune) and a position of power or supremacy to impose him/her/it as the legitimate emperor; different factions would be expected to support their own emperors, even if they all agree on the basic premise of building a good ruler, and there might be severe civil wars.

When the emperor dies or retires, the problem returns. Is the emperor-making group permanently at the helm, avoiding disruptions with an easily installed new emperor? Or every succession causes a renewed conflict between factions (example: USA presidential elections)? Or it never happened yet because the first emperor is still ruling (example: humanity in Warhammer 40000)?
I think in the past they had some sort of republic but they found it flawed. Then they decided to got for an empire. But because there were many factions and no one trusted anyone they decided to go for a truly neutral Emperor. They cloned it from a wide selection of supreme genes (not some nobles genes, just genes of the whole race, further selected by some algorithm). This way they got a person at the top that had no prior obligations, no family, no old debts and favours to be repaid. Truly neutral ruler to who all the factions could agree.

As a bonus such person can be considered a superior human (enchancers, the best combination of genes to make the best intellect, aggressive prunning of inferior genes, boosted immunity system, resistance engineered at the very early stage). No mental illnes, idiots and the like which were plaguing monarchistic systems. A speciment truly designed to be an awesome ruler.


I agree with the infrastructure thing. They need an extensive royal cloning facilities.

#5272695 How to call this government system

Posted by Acharis on 26 January 2016 - 04:23 AM

Question: how a conspiracy to overthrow such Emperor would work? How they would proceed? What are the goals? Would they want to replace the emperor with another one (on their design maybe? or usurp the throne?) Why? Who?
OK, maybe like this (post your own/alter it/etc):


Who & why & how:

A) A group of powerful people (bureaucrats, a court faction) want to get rid of you and then put a puppet Emperor they could control. The plan is to get control of seats in the royal cloning council, then make you unalive and then forge a clone and put on the throne (actually replacing it by one of their own secretly bread for this purpose, they don't intend to use the legal cloning facility since it has too many checks and gene security mechanisms).

B) An alien plot to weaken the Empire. Overthrowing you is not absolutelly needed, any solution that makes the Empire weak is OK. So they would try to undermine your authority first and maybe replace you with an inferior Emperor clone that would bring even more disgrace and incompetence. Or just replace with a clone that is genetically altered to like their race and be submissive to them.

C) People that want a republic, they want to make an ideological change, damaging the whole idea of Imperial genocracy, then get rid of you and push for a new governemnt type. Sabotaging royal cloning facilities being an important tactic (so there is no choice but to revert to some other form of government after the old Emperor dies and there is no easy & fast way to replace him).


Tactics (shared):

- get control of the royal cloning facity OR destroy it OR alter it

- reduce the dignity of the Emperor OR ridicule the whole concept of Imperial genocracy

- sow dissent and disloyalty among courtiers/ministers (it always help with carrying on a treacherous plan, whatever that plan might be), possible bribes

- physically get rid of the Emperor (assassination), it should be the last step

#5272624 Movement speed and attack balancing on 5x8 board action game

Posted by Acharis on 25 January 2016 - 04:06 PM

Game is not turn based
That's the core of your problem. You used a mechanic from tactical turn based games and try to apply it to action gameplay. I don't think it's feasible (with a lot of work you probably could make an acceptable/below mediocre game using this combination, but I don't see any benefits or appeal here).


Check Archon (C64), they did what you try. But... it was another era, I don't think a game like that makes sense nowadays. Plus it was an action strategy and you were moving pieces on a chess like board and the action part was on a separate screen (so unfair action battles was part of the game).

#5272571 Central and local government

Posted by Acharis on 25 January 2016 - 08:47 AM

The player is the Emperor, there are up to 200 planets in the Empire. Each planet has a planetary governor (if nothing else I need those governors for the mood, immersion and it looks great on the intertface :D).


You probably see the problem with this setup already, it's unmanageable (too many characters). So, I got an idea, let's divide characters into smaller central government (the player interacts with them) and hordes of local government (no interaction or bulk interaction).



Question: what's the relation between the central and local government? and how exactly it should all work?




My quick idea is to make 5 ministries, each made of up to 12 personas (you can't move personas between ministries, it's more manageable this way). The player can appoint specific charcters within the ministry to offices (the most important being the minister) or fire them. The efficiency and stats of the ministry is based on high ranking officials of the ministry (low ranking ones add to it too but to a significantly smaller degree). Then each ministry provide a certain bonus/penalty based on the stats (competence, loyalty, corruption). Like high total competence in the Defence ministry means a bonus to combat; low total loyalty means a risk of a military coup; high total corruption means high upkeep since some of the military supplies get constantly missing. The importance of those stats is differenty in various ministries (like corruption is devastating in Justice and Fincances ministry while loyalty being of relatively low consequence; Defence and Internal affairs ministry loyalty being very important).


In addition characters belong to factions and you want to keep a balance of power between factions (so you would not want to appoint ministers of several ministries out of the same faction, that faction would get too much influence) which makes it more complicated than appointing the best person as the minister.


New officials/firing officials. I'm not sure but maybe new ones should be auto spawned when there is vacancy in a ministry. As firing people maybe the player can do it anytime but it leads to temporary stats penalty in the ministry? Not sure...


I have no clue about the local government part. Maybe governors should be auto appointed by the ministers (favouring people from their factions)? And therefore lonmg term local government would represent the imperial court factions balance of power? Also maybe some bulk actions like "fire all governors with competence below 3"?




#5272561 When the Player and the CPU attacks at the same time

Posted by Acharis on 25 January 2016 - 05:35 AM

Are you sure it's an issue? Unless it's a turn based game it's almost impossible for two things to happens at exactly same time (especially if you have a low timescale, below a second). Anyway, in the rare situation when it happens I would prioritise the player (psyhological, if you both hit at the same time and the enemy deals damage the player sees it as a bug and complains, but if the hit is scored by  the player he/she thinks "I barely managed it but I was slightly faster").

#5272558 How to call this government system

Posted by Acharis on 25 January 2016 - 04:47 AM

Question: what is the procedure of this cloning thing? Is there some sort of "board of imperial purity"?


Question: how a conspiracy to overthrow such Emperor would work? How they would proceed? What are the goals? Would they want to replace the emperor with another one (on their design maybe? or usurp the throne?) Why? Who?


If the genetic engineering is ongoing, you might call it a "biocracy" or a "genocracy" (to make up butchered latin words). Genocratic Empire or Imperial Genocracy could work.
Nice ones.

But I wonder, maybe that's my impression, isn't "cracy" a form of collective government? Like Technocracy, Plutocracy, Theocracy (ruled by smart, fit, priests)? Does it fit a system where there is just one person in power?


I think you might be confusing kindness and selflessness.

A selfless ruler would always put the country first. This might mean that given the chance of defending the country from a grave threat or settling a personal grudge with a lesser threat he would choose the obviously sensible decision.
I see. Well, yes, but I think it's not a real issue. If you own an Empire you want it to thrive, you don't spend all the funds on luxuries, at least if you are smart. Plus, it's a non issue in a game, since the player is an avatar of selflessness by definition (the player is not doing it for fun, or to get revenge on some pixel characters, but to win the game).


we're not exactly your specific game community, which is what it seems like your treating us as.
On the contrary, I'm asking here because you are not my gaming community. I find it limiting to restrict onself to your players only, the mindset is too onesided then. A smaller chance to think outside the box. Especially, when the topic is so theorethical and broad.


Besides, I like to talk here about such things, it's fun :) Frequently, me needing it for the game is partially just an excuse :)

#5272242 How to call this government system

Posted by Acharis on 22 January 2016 - 05:43 AM

4X in space here you are the Emperor. I want to avoid all the dynasty/family things also I wanted the Emperor to be almost immortal (so no replacement mid game, Emperor=the player). So, I have thought of a society which got disappointed by the other government forms and decided to engineer the Emperor. They selected the best genes of their race and they cloned an Emperor to rule them all.


How to call such government form? "Genetic monarchy"?


I'm also interested in a possible backstory for this society (why they decided to do it, how they do the cloning, who is responsible, is there some genetic board which do the cloning, what happens when the emperor dies, etc). Not necessarily to dump all this info on the player but so I know how it works.

Note, you can modify the above or stray from it, I'm interetsted more in the overall direction.

#5270589 Is this game idea possible?

Posted by Acharis on 11 January 2016 - 03:22 PM

On a more serious note, the concept is flawed, I would discard it. It has a lot of "let's drop a lot of money on ___". Compare this with Minecraft for example; non existant graphics (ultra cheap), simple mechanics (rather cheap and easy to explain to the player), doable by a single person (again ultra cheap), enormous success. THAT'S an idea worth implementing :) Not much effort/resources and overwhelming success.


#5270547 Is this game idea possible?

Posted by Acharis on 11 January 2016 - 10:31 AM

Sorry man, never found the time to do it. But now that you put it that way, I feel bad about it. Some of your ideas really sounded good, and it seems them not having been stolen did send the wrong signal.

Next time you post an idea, I promise to steal it. Just give me a heads up of about a month so I can plan for the time needed to steal and implement it. If you also could give me a rough estimate on the amount of time needed to implement at that time, that would be fantastic.
Thank you, you are a beacon of light in my designer's life :)


But I would suggest to steal that one http://www.forum.silverlemur.com/index.php?topic=2430.msg27417#msg27417 over some random one I would post next. It's super simple, well docummented and easy to implement, plus it's a complete game. A few years ago one person even promised to steal this idea but in the end changed his mind :D

#5270539 Is this game idea possible?

Posted by Acharis on 11 January 2016 - 09:44 AM

If you are afraid people could steal your idea. Don't be. No one will steal your idea here.
Yeah, they won't. I have been posting ideas for years here (and I have a proven track of finished commercial games mind you, plus these are not half baked ideas but contain details, possible problems and possible solutions how to solve these problems and variants and other goodies) and no one has stolen a single idea o mine. I find it frustrating and insulting!

#5268089 How to finish a game

Posted by Acharis on 26 December 2015 - 08:55 PM

never feel finished
Feel is irrelevant, players are relevant. Focus on making the game for others to play.


realize that I don't have the time or energy to implement everything I wanted to
That's standard. You never will have the means to implement everything. No matter your budget, dedication, time, skill, etc. You need to decide what to cut down. Always. No exceptions.


it's hard not to give up when you start thinking that your game sucks, you know?
You get used to it over time, but it never passes I guess :) I basicly always think that my game sux and then, to my surprise, players usually like it. Of course sometimes the game indeed sux :D


I'm scared to even show it to others
Then stop being scared and do it :) It's just a feeling, don't let it control your life (and development) :) And yes, development does require courage, you can't do it without it. Think of it as if you were to enter the cave full of lions, that's pretty what a game dev is about :)

#5265238 Fleet Composition (a little experiment!)

Posted by Acharis on 07 December 2015 - 03:15 AM

But assuming the enemy is unknown, but we know it's there I would do this:



Split the budget into 3 parts:

- cost effective, solid & already proven design things to defend, probably most of them stationary, focusing on ground combat siupport and orbit defence (relatively cheap and a lot of them)

- super high tech ships with high level scanners, targetting, etc in case the enemy turns out to be superior technologically and nothing else would work against them

- long range recon ships so we get at least ANY information about the enemy before they reach us


IF WE ARE TO CONQUER ANOTHER RACE (it's a simplier task, since we can always cancel the invasion if teh enemy turns out to be too strong):

- long range recon ships so we get an intel on the enemy techs and everything (these are to be bukld first and send first)

- big transport ships

- escort ships to protect the transport

- main fleet to engange the potential enemy fleet

- assault fleet to crush the enemy orbital defences and support & assist the ground forces when these take over the planet


IF IT'S A WAR FOR TERRITORY WITH ANOTHER EMPIRE (note: it's super inefficient to have only 5 types of ships in this scenario, 12+ is highly recommended):

- transporter (troops & supplies & fuel)

- main combat ship

- recon & rescue & escort ship (actually these functions should be split, it makes sense only due to 5 types restriction)

- support & hospital & repair ship (mobile base), containing a small contingent of fighters for defence and Point Defence weapons

- flagship to command the fleet (containing also fighters, long range communication systems, also should be able to function as a basic front line base (repair, hospital, minimum recreation, etc))