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Topics I've Started

Better names for these concepts (SF)

01 April 2015 - 08:47 AM

The usual stuff, I have some names for certain things and I don't like these too much and look for better ones :D

The ones I look for to replace are inside " ". Also, these should coexist well with others.


The theme is an old bureaucratic space empire.



"planetary defences" - it's a set of installations on planet surface capable of enganging ships (so it takes part in the spece battle that takes place on the orbir rather than defend the planet from ground invasion


 "militia" (actually that one is probably perfect, but I will list it for consistency) - civilians that defend the planet from the ground invasion


 "imperial infantry" - ground forces (infantry mostly, maybe some heavier stuff too) that defend the planet from the ground invasion (so kind like a territorial army)


 "storm troopers/shock troopers" - ground forces used for attacking an enemy planet after your fleet has taken control of the orbit (planetary defence installations are down) (so kind like an expeditionary army), it's a bit of an elite formation (definitelly better equipped than the territorial army)


Unloved colonization

01 April 2015 - 08:30 AM

I have this problem with colonization of planets. I kind of need it because I need some way for the player to say "I want to be here" and to prevent the player from taking all uninhabited planets at once for free, but... it does not fit the rest of the game and it brings a lot of other problems.





Like, what happens if you conquered an alien planet? In a classic 4X you take it over (so it's basicly a free colonization), which is partially broken mechanic in my game since many aliens can spread effortlessly.

Or, what happens when when an alien abandons a planet (which happens with cyclic aliens that die out each season and go back to hibernate to their homeplanet)?


The thing is, planet ownership can be fickle in my game (abandoning planets, planets that were abandoned rejoining and so on). It's a total mess with a lot of unusual cases :D


Also, what actually means that "planet is colonized" (again, terraformation is not an issue here, the planet already can support life)? I tried to make it "you have at least 1 population of your race" and the act of colonizing is "sending 10k population and building the first city, which costs 1000 credits". But, it's not working very well...



From my point of view the best solution would be simply to remove the colonization concept (but then the player would go and grab all planets in range during the first turn...)

Robotic race

30 March 2015 - 02:07 PM

I look for some sort of robotic race for a 4X game. I want them to be at least a bit unusual, they should be hostile and dangerous, but they can't have a goal of galactic conquest. Generally, they could/should have some weird patterns of behaviour (like not taking some planets, being limited to a part of space, etc).

It's an NPC race so don't worry with victory conditions and things like that (they just live in the same galaxy the player lives).


I look for:

- overall description who they are and how they behave (and possibly why) [on strategic level]

- it's less important but if you have some gameplay mechanic (what they attack and why) that would fit them, post

Equipment/modules for ships

30 March 2015 - 01:54 PM

The player has built a ship, it has basic weapons and everything. Then the player researched a new "Point Defence laser" for example. What happens then?


I want to avoid the overused to death "so the player makes a new ship design and put the new PD into a module slot and starts producing these new ships ", bleh :)


I look for something like: the old ships are auto requipped (probably not instantly) or that the newly invented module is produced like an equipment and the ship "takes one from the inventory and installs it" when it visit the shipyard for next maintenance. Something like this.




AI conquest deadlock

24 March 2015 - 11:53 AM

I made a "perfect" AI :D It calculates what planets are best for conquest, take into account distance from their homeworld, lenght of the current and future borders, etc. It makes decisions at that level very intelligently.

And it does not work at all :D


The problem is, another AI calculates these variables too and sooner or later (with the stress on the "sooner" part) two AIs want exactly the same planet. And they send thousands and thousands of ships so these can die on the orbit of the planet since another AI sends a constant volley of reinforcements there too :D Also, since the player can accept loses and does not fight "to the death" (accepting conquered planets that AI disires a lot) the AIs tend to ignore the player.


So the effect is 2 AIs fighting over like 2-5 super important planets (where ownership changes all the time and no one gains anything) and leave vast area of less desirable planets untouched, and the player can grab any number of these without a fight :)



Ugh... :D Ideas how to fix it?