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In Topic: Advice with upgrading to Win10 And ISO files

02 July 2016 - 02:25 AM

I have managed to get the June Win10 ISO (1511.2) installed in a VMWare machine(Upgraded the win8 test machine).

It turns out that Win10 does not like VMWares SCIS drives, So changing them for IDE worked.

Unfortunetly I had to find a generic key as the OS was not activated (I was using it for varius testing purposes: Cloning, Compiling UE4), So I have a Win10 Home in a VM for testing.
Unfortunetly the old VMWare tools for guest OS that I have only gives it D3D9Ex, Going to look into getting the new tools sometime.


It seams I hit a problem with a clean install in a new VM, I did not see a prompt to ask for edition(Home/Pro), So the VM got Home.

"Activating" with a Pro generic key has got done something.


I plan on seeing what happens when I connect the VM to the internet, I should probably get the newest version of Wireshark to see what happens.

And then to try and understand the capture...

It looks a lot more like Win7 (At least of what I know about 7).

In Topic: The latest BMP I made crashes the program, other BMPs work fine

26 June 2016 - 02:48 AM

First, the new bitmap have RLE compression?

Can you post the code that loads the BMP?


Chaning the format to PNG will not help you if the loader can not read the data.



In Topic: Serious Problems with computer

09 June 2016 - 01:08 PM

Thanks everyone for the advice,  I am checking each advice you have given

Things are getting worse, I just got this



I should have expanded the "Show details" first before closing it, but me being in panic mode now means I am missing out on some things at times


So I first need to back up my stuff on one drive


I do back up of course Like Noman Barrows says, but I just never back up on onedrive before. I need to do that first because my normal external disk space is not large enough


Then afterwards start the recovery process


Does any one know if microsoft's onedrive is a good place for backups, particularly considering security and privacy issues?

I think you can cover the security issue by using a archiving (7Zip, WinRar, Etc) (even if it is just using the minimum compression ratio) to and encrypting the contents.

In Topic: Serious Problems with computer

09 June 2016 - 01:50 AM

Can you use BlueScreenView to check the parameters and then consolt this MSDN page?

Looking at the MSDN page indicates that it originates in a kernal driver somewhere.

In Topic: Advice with upgrading to Win10 And ISO files

31 May 2016 - 01:43 PM

Unfortunately, you can't also turn automatic updates off on Windows Pro and can only set telemetry to basic. And I am as hopeful as you about Windows NN version :)

A user on another forum said that using the group policy editor to change update settings work (he changed it to notify before download), But that was ~2 month's ago or so.

I have also read that disabling the update service works too :rolleyes:


I found a person who did some basic analysis here and found minimal(<3MiB) bandwidth usage for telemetry.



(Forgot to ask)

Have you tried disabling the updates or setting them to notify first?