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Lee A. Stripp

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gluLookat replacement

29 December 2011 - 10:30 PM

Before I start, YES I have read lots of posts and code examples but I'm still stuck :-)

Here is my replacement code for gluLootat()

void lsMatrix4x4::LookAt( const lsVector3& eyePosition, const lsVector3& lookAt, const lsVector3& upVector )
lsMath math;
lsVector3 e, l, u;
lsVector3 forward, side, up;
lsMatrix4x4 matrix2, mat2;

e = eyePosition;
l = lookAt;
u = upVector;

// make sure up is normalized
up = upVector;
// forward vector
forward = l - e;
// side vector
side = math.Cross( forward, up );
// recalc up vector
up = math.Cross( forward, side );

matrix2.matrix[0] = side.x;
matrix2.matrix[4] = side.y;
matrix2.matrix[8] = side.z;

matrix2.matrix[1] = up.x;
matrix2.matrix[5] = up.y;
matrix2.matrix[9] = up.z;

matrix2.matrix[2] = -forward.x;
matrix2.matrix[6] = -forward.y;
matrix2.matrix[10] = -forward.z;

mat2 *= matrix2;
mat2.TranslateMatrix( -e.x, -e.y, -e.z );

*this = mat2;

And here is the output from both OpenGL and my engine.

Camera Matrix : FPS_Camera
Matrix : OpenGL
-1 0 0 6.54721e-07
0 1 0 -1.76
0 0 -1 2.76058e-05
0 0 0 1
Matrix : vortxGE
-1 0 0 -6.54721e-07
0 -1 0 -1.76
0 0 -1 -2.76058e-05
0 0 0 1

I'm bashing my head against a wall, LOL.. It looks like a simple fix.

Any ideas anyone?

vortX GE alpha release

17 December 2010 - 11:40 PM

vortX GE will be a full featured game engine once finished, take a look at where I'm at! I still have alot to do game engine wise but as a graphics engine its very usable right now.

Just uploaded vortX GE to SourceForge, Its only alpha, only because I'm finishing the base lib "lsCDL". The Linux code is usable if anyone is interested in having a play. PM me if you need any demo code, thats not online yet.

SourceForge page

Go to the Code-SVN page and checkout the project.
You will also need lsCDL: SourceForge page

API docs are here
API docs

More info can be found on my website: www.vortxmedia.com

vortX GE 2nd demo

02 November 2010 - 04:56 PM

Just slapped this small demo together to show shadow map switching.

Linux 64bit, using VBO's, FBO's and GLSL shaders.
Download from HERE

First demo of vortX GE

30 October 2010 - 08:02 PM

Okay, just finished my first demo of my new game engine. This is my 3rd engine and I'm interested in anyone’s feedback.

Its nothing fancy, basic test of occlusion. If anyone has a Linux 64bit box laying around, their welcome to download it from the link below.

Download 2.0 MB : Click here

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Render Performance sheets ?

29 October 2010 - 02:55 PM

Can anyone help me ? I'm testing my engine but have no idea what performance I should be aiming for.

Test card is a Nvidia 9800 GT, cheap brand.

Test scene is a 4 bedroom house, walls set to occluders. So far I have 350,000 + Quads in scene.